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Go through numerous professional acting resume examples to find the perfect one for you and customize it to get the role you're looking for.


Check out these architecture resume examples to get inspired, polish your resume to perfection, or learn how to create it from scratch.


Resume examples in the business category include a variety of samples for different business-related positions, such as sales, finance, accounting, executive-level positions, etc.

Customer Service

These customer service resume examples will help you create a perfect resume to get the job that you want.

Data Science

If you’re looking for a position as a data scientist, these data science resume examples will help you craft a perfect application.


Explore a variety of design resume examples to find out how to best create your own resume and land that designer job.


If you’re looking for a job in the education system, these submission-ready education resume examples will help you create an outstanding application.


Professional engineering resume examples should be your go-to if you want to land a job, such as mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, petroleum engineer, and more.


Design a resume that pops and grabs attention by taking inspiration from some of our many fashion resume examples.


This collection of general resume examples is perfect if you’re looking for versatile, all-around documents to help you make yours better.


Our samples and guides are designed to help you create a great CV in just a few minutes. Our samples have been tested and are designed to help you succeed.


Explore examples of resumes for jobs in the healthcare industry, including positions for doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and more.


Whether you’re a hotel manager, a concierge, a sommelier, or a front desk agent, these hospitality resume examples are tailored to your needs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources field is competitive as it is. Stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being noticed by using our HR resume samples. Why go it alone when we are here to offer our expert support?


Professionals looking for marketing cover letter examples will find this collection perfect for all their job-hunting efforts.

Software & IT

Get a head start in this highly competitive industry by taking advantage of our professional software & IT resume examples.


These student resume examples are perfect if you’re still in school but looking to create a professional resume that will get you your first job.


These writing resume examples will vastly improve your chances of crafting an outstanding resume, whether you’re a content writer, an editor, a screenwriter, or more.

Looking for a job can be daunting, but it all starts with a strong resume that captures your skills and experience.

At, we understand the importance of a well-written resume in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business climate. That’s why we offer pre-built resume examples for you to explore.

These professional resume examples were made by experts in the field and cover a wide range of industries and job positions. They can give you all the information you need to make your resume stand out.

Whether you're a first-time job seeker or a seasoned veteran, our premade resumes will help you understand what employers are looking for and how to best show off your unique skills.

Tailor Pre-Built Resume Examples to Make Them Your Own

You can use pre-built resume examples to learn from them or to get inspired while creating your own. They come with all the sections a resume should have, which makes them ready for submission.

However, the benefits of pre-built resume examples are not just instructional but also practical. One of their main perks is that you can modify and customize them to suit your needs. You can use any example that you want to tailor to your needs.

Not only that, but the process is as simple and streamlined as it gets. Just open a resume example you like and start editing it and filling in the preset sections with your information.

Complete Your ATS-Friendly Resume Quickly

What makes our resume examples convenient is not just the fact that you can customize and modify them to your liking. You can also effortlessly share your resume once you’re done working on it.

Save your document or export it to the file type you need, which will allow you to print it or send it to recruiters, potential employers, and other parties. Moreover, you can quickly share your resume online by using a unique, customizable URL.

Another essential characteristic of our resume examples is that they are all ATS-friendly. With more companies using parsing software to speed up the scanning processes, it’s crucial for resumes to be formatted and optimized in a way that passes the ATS scan.

Why Use Examples

There are numerous benefits to using examples in your resume-building process, with the most important ones being: Examples

  1. They help you save a lot of time and effort. Pre-built examples provide a ready-to-use resume framework. You can adjust it and insert your information quickly without having to create the whole document from scratch.

  2. All examples feature a professional appearance. All of them are designed by professionals who know what works and what doesn't, both in terms of functionality and visual presence. By following our resume example, you’re guaranteed a professional document that’s easy to read and understand.

  3. They are all adaptable and customizable. You can use any of the examples as a starting point for your resume. They allow you to do much more than just insert your information. Take advantage of its preset structure and adjust it to fit your specific needs. Modify colors, change fonts, and even alter the entire resume layout with one click.

How to Use Examples

Our resume builder is super easy to use. All you’ll have to do to get your resume is:

  1. Check out resume examples in your profession and choose the one that suits you best.

  2. Select the categories that you need and add your information to them.

  3. Download your finished resume or share it with a unique, customizable URL.

Resume Examples FAQ

#1. What is a resume example?

A resume example is a previously created sample or template, typically by a professional. You can use it for guidance, as a reference, or for inspiration. Resume examples offer a visual representation of how to structure and format a resume. They usually have all the important elements, such as headings, bullet lists, and other vital details.

#2. Why should I use resume examples?

Using resume examples helps you create a more polished, professional, and effective resume. That can increase your chances of landing an interview.

You can use resume examples for guidance on how to compose your resume. Moreover, they can inspire you by showing you the various styles and formats. Additionally, you can check industry-specific resumes to see whether there are some distinct features and requirements that you should be aware of.

#3. How do I make a perfect resume?

A perfect resume features a clear and concise format. It should be well-organized and easy to read. Moreover, the information in it, such as your skills and experiences, needs to be tailored to the position that you’re applying for.

On top of that, you should use keywords. Since many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen resumes, keywords that are relevant to the job that you’re applying for can help you pass the initial screening.

#4. How do I use’s examples?

If you’re an entry-level candidate who is crafting their first resume, you should check out our examples to learn what information to include, how to structure a document, and how to make it visually appealing.

On the flip side, if you’re adept at writing resumes,’s examples can act as templates to help you save time while still ending up with a professional, job-winning resume.

#5. What is the best resume format?

The best resume format varies depending on your specific situation and the job that you’re applying for. However, there are three main types of formats that are commonly used:

  1. Chronological format lists your professional experience in reverse-chronological order, making it popular for the majority of users with consistent work history.

  2. Functional format puts your skills front and center, rather than your work history. It’s perfect for entry-level candidates or individuals who are changing careers.

  3. Combination (hybrid) format combines the elements of chronological and functional formats. It emphasizes skills while also providing a work history timeline. This format is often used by highly experienced candidates.

#6. Can I use the same resume example for every application?

While you can use the same resume example for multiple applications, for optimal chances of success, you should tailor your resume to each specific job that you’re applying for. That means making changes and adjusting your resume so that it highlights your most relevant skills and achievements every time.

By taking the time to customize your resume, you’ll also show your potential employer that you’re serious about the position and willing to put in the extra work. That’s why you should always look for resume examples that are closest to what the final product should look like before adapting them accordingly.

#7. What are the best resume examples to use in 2023?

At, we make sure that all of our resume examples are up-to-date and relevant in the current business climate. However, the best resume example for you will depend on your specific situation. You’ll likely find the most success by checking out the resume examples from your industry.

#8. What if I can’t find a resume example for my job?

If you can’t find a resume example for your job, look for examples in related fields. For instance, if you’re applying for a position as a social media manager, check resumes for marketing specialists.

#9. Are these resume examples free?

All of the resume examples on our website are free. They are professional, submission-ready, and ATS-proof, with no limit to how many you can examine. You’re welcome to use the entire collection to boost your resume-building abilities.

#10. Who created these resume examples?

Our resume examples are created by interdisciplinary teams of professionals to ensure that every aspect of them is of the highest quality.

We have counselors and career coaches who specialize in helping job seekers craft effective resumes. On the other end, we work with recruiters and HR professionals to ensure each resume example exactly features what they are looking for.

#11. Should I write a cover letter with my resume?

Yes, it is generally a good idea to write a cover letter and submit it with your resume. A cover letter is an additional document that further explains why you are interested in the position and what makes you a good fit for the job.

Apart from being an opportunity for you to further highlight your skills and achievements, a cover letter showcases your communication skills and enthusiasm for the role. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to connect with a recruiter or potential employer by addressing them personally.

#12. Should my cover letter and resume match?

For the best chance of success, your cover letter and resume should match and complement each other, highlighting only your most relevant and important skills and accomplishments.

A cover letter gives you additional space to include details about your competence and experience that you didn’t manage to fit in your resume.

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