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Paralegals are in great demand these days. No matter if you’re just starting out, looking for new opportunities, or considering a career change, a stellar paralegal resume is key to coming on board.

A well-crafted resume matters more than you may think—it’s precisely what helps you communicate your skills, qualifications, and personal brand. Therefore, the objective of the paralegal resume is to show what makes you different from other candidates and help you stand out.

If you’re not sure how to write your resume, don’t worry—we got your back. We’ll guide you through the entire process of crafting your resume so that you can have a perfect biography ready to make your job applications shine!

Key Takeaways

  • When creating a resume, you can choose from several formats. The most recommended one for a paralegal resume is a reverse-chronological format.

  • Each resume has two main sections—mandatory and optional.

  • In the mandatory section, you should list your contact information, working experience, education, and skills.

  • The optional section should include additional information, such as knowledge of languages, awards, certifications, hobbies and interests, etc.

  • Submitting a cover letter along with your paralegal resume is not mandatory but can significantly boost your chances of being invited to an interview and landing a job.

What Format is Best For a Paralegal Resume?

engineering cover letter

There are several types of resume formats—chronological, functional, and hybrid or combination formats. Each of them suits candidates with different levels of experience.

The first, chronological format, is best for job seekers who have consistent experience in a specific field. In a resume like this, you can elaborate on your previous positions in detail in chronological or reverse-chronological order.

A functional format is suitable for candidates who have little experience in an industry but have relevant skill sets. This resume format allows you to emphasize all the skills you’ve acquired in previous positions or by attending various courses.

The hybrid or combination resume format is great for job hunters who possess both relevant skill sets and experience, as it highlights both equally. It also offers a comprehensive view of your career and emphasizes your accomplishments.

The best resume format for paralegals is the reverse-chronological. It points out the pinnacle of your experience first, then goes through your working and educational history and skills.

Paralegal Resume Layout

A layout refers to a manner in which information is organized throughout the resume, involving the order of sections and the information you include in each of them.

Here is what the recommended layout encompasses:

Paralegal Resume Layout

  • Margins—You should have one-inch margins on every side.

  • Font—Choose a font that sticks out, but make sure it’s intelligible and professional.

  • Font size—The best font size for normal text is 11-12px and 14-16px for headers.

  • Line spacing—The spacing between the lines shouldn’t be smaller than 1.0 or larger than 1.15.

  • Resume length—The ideal length is one page, so try not to exceed it.

Even though pouring some creativity into your resume may help it stand out from others, don’t overdo it. You can play around with colors and font types as long as they remain highly professional.

Paralegal Resume Sections

There are specific sections that must be included in every resume, and the paralegal is no exception. Those are:

Mandatory Resume Sections

  • Contact information

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • Skills (hard and soft)

In the optional section of your resume, you can mention:

Optional Resume Sections

  • Awards and certificates

  • Projects you worked on

  • Language fluency

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Publications

Writing all these pieces of information can be daunting sometimes, particularly if you’re unsure of their order. To make sure there will be no errors and boost your chances of being invited for an interview, use a resume builder.

These builders have templates with all the sections already included; all you have to do is fill them in with information pertaining to you.

Paralegal Resume Template

Here’s a paralegal resume template you can use to craft your own and make it shine!

Free Paralegal Resume Template

Name and Surname

Phone number: 000-000-0000 | Email: | Location: City, State

[Adjective] [your job title] with [years of experience, if applicable] in [your area of expertise, if applicable] looking for a [position] job at [company name]. Eager to apply [relevant skills] gained through [work/volunteer/other experience] to help [company name] [mention what you can do for the company].

Work Experience

Most Recent/Current Job Title

Company      City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Previous Job TitleCompany      City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Oldest Job Title

Company      City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For older jobs, use 2-3 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements


[Degree] in [Major]

[University/college name]

[Start date] - [Graduation date]


Soft Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Hard Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Additional Sections

  • Add any relevant additional sections (languages, licenses, publications, hobbies, etc.)

How to Include Contact Information to Your Paralegal Resume

Contact information is the very first section of your paralegal resume. Here, you’ll include basic information about yourself, such as:

Mandatory Contact Information

  • Full name

  • Job title

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Location

Make sure that you list your name and surname, not a nickname. List the phone number that you use most frequently. The email should be professional, consisting of your name and surname or initials.

In terms of location, never include your home address; your state and city of residence would be sufficient. Optionally, you can state that you’re open to relocation in case you’re applying for a position in another city.

Links to social media profiles other than LinkedIn are not wanted here unless you use them for business. In addition, if you keep a blog or have a website related to law and legislation, feel free to list them.

A good contact information section would go like this:

Paralegal Contact Information Example

Amanda Wilson Paralegal (1234) 451 541 New York, NY

How to Write a Good Paralegal Resume Objective/Summary

You have about seven seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention. The best way to do so is to include an objective or summary in your paralegal resume. However, make sure that you know the difference between the two.

If you’re just starting out and have very little to no experience as a paralegal, add an objective to your resume. As its name suggests, this piece of text highlights your professional goals and aspirations, and as such, it is perfect for an entry-level paralegal resume.

On the other hand, if you have a wealth of experience working as a paralegal, you should add a summary of your expertise and accomplishments.

Emerging Paralegal Resume Objective

You should pay attention to detail when composing a resume objective since every little thing counts. You don’t want to include something that will make a recruiter believe you’re not the right fit for their firm, so take a look at what a good resume objective should look like:

Emerging Paralegal Resume Objective Example

Motivated Paralegal Studies graduate seeking a paralegal role at Law Pro Assistance Group. Experienced in drafting legal documents at Harward University. Excited to support your team, where I can employ my skills to help with commerce deals.

This objective example is good as it indicates the candidate’s education and experience gained during studies. It also shows what the candidate is comfortable working with.

Make sure that your objective is not too generic, self-focused, or not indicating what you want to focus on. Never write an objective like the one exemplified below:

Bad Example

A university graduate looking for an opportunity in a legal company. Hard-working, responsible, and motivated to learn new things.

Established Paralegal Resume Summary

Use this section at the top of your resume to highlight your expertise. Don’t be too shy or too modest, but don’t be a show-off, either.

Here’s an example of a good paralegal resume summary:

Established Paralegal Resume Summary Example

Detailed-oriented paralegal with a rich background in drafting legal memoranda and correspondence. Passionate and dedicated to work, with a strong work ethic that demands no guidance or supervision from attorneys.

This short section indicates what the candidate is experienced in and what they used to be responsible for.

On the other hand, here is a bad example of a paralegal resume summary:

Bad Example

Team player experienced in crafting legal documents. Motivated and responsible.

There’s nothing wrong with being motivated, responsible, and able to work in a team. The problem here is that this summary doesn’t show anything specific about the candidate. Therefore, nothing will intrigue a recruiter to invite the candidate for an interview.

Paralegal Resume Professional Experience

This section is your opportunity to shine—use it to impress a recruiter with your professional experience. List the information in the following order:

Paralegal Resume Professional Experience In Order

  • Position

  • Company name

  • Dates

  • Duties and accomplishments

Remember that, in the reverse chronological format of a paralegal resume, the latest company you worked for and the position you had should go first.

General Tips

When listing your professional expertise, it’s not enough to only mention the company and the role. Try to include a detailed overview of your responsibilities and achievements in your previous positions.

When doing so, avoid weak expressions like “was responsible for,” “created,” or “was working on.” Instead, use strong action words, such as “crafted,” “developed,” “facilitated,” “prepared,” “initiated,” “spearheaded,” "streamlined,” etc.

Also, try to include paralegal-specific keywords, including “legal filing,” “trial preparation,” “legal documents,” “investigation,” “legal assistance,” “court calendaring," and “office and court procedures.” These expressions will not only let a recruiter or hiring manager know you’re able to get the work done, but they will also make your resume .

Pay close attention to your accomplishments; don’t just list the duties you were responsible for. Add KPIs, numbers, or statistics to support your claims.

Paralegal With No Experience

Filling in the professional experience section is not so challenging when you have enough expertise to write about. But what can you do if you don’t?

No matter if you’re transitioning to paralegal from some other position or you’ve just graduated, there is always an option. If you’ve done any internships, add them to your resume. Mention where you did it and what you were responsible for. Here’s how:

Paralegal With No Experience Example

Paralegal Intern

Law Pro Assistance Group (New York, NY) May 2022–May 2023 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted attorneys with legal research, conducted detailed case analyses, and produced comprehensive memoranda.

  • Drafted legal documents, such as motions, pleadings, and client correspondence.

  • Maintained and organized files, ensuring quick access to essential documents.

  • Conducted legal research using online databases, such as Westlaw and LexisNexis.

  • Supported attorneys in trial preparation, involving gathering evidence and witness coordination.

Another convenient option is to include a portfolio. If you have drafted legal documents before, don’t hesitate to link them to your paralegal resume. In case you haven’t, waste no time and start building one.

Make use of various freelance platforms, such as Upwork, to land a gig or two (and get paid for it). Alternatively, you can provide paralegal services for your relatives, friends, or acquaintances.

Paralegal With Experience

Check out this sample of a paralegal resume with experience:

Paralegal With Experience Example


Law Pro Assistance Group (New York, NY) January 2019–Present Duties and responsibilities:

  • Worked closely with a team of attorneys on a wide range of cases, including litigation, family law, and estate planning.

  • Conducted legal research and gathered relevant case laws, statutes, and regulations to support case strategies.

  • Prepared legal documents and ensured accuracy and compliance with state and federal laws.

  • Assisted in trial preparation, involving coordinating witnesses, exhibits, and trial binders.

  • Maintained effective communication with clients, updating them on case developments and answering their inquiries.

Legal Assistant

Alpha Legal Firm (New York, NY) May 2015–December 2018 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Supported two senior attorneys in a general practice firm specializing in real estate and contract law.

  • Conducted preliminary client interviews, drafted engagement letters, and managed client billing.

  • Prepared and filed legal documents with state and federal courts, ensuring timely and accurate submissions.

  • Researched and compiled information for real estate transactions, including title searches and property records.

  • Assisted in the drafting of wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents.

  • Managed attorneys’ schedules, coordinated client meetings, and maintained the office calendar.

Paralegal Resume Education Section

Unlike lawyers, professional paralegals don’t need to fulfill any strict requirements when it comes to their education. Thus, they can take numerous educational paths to become paralegals.

Whatever your major or level of education is, describe your academic activity to date. If you’re still a student, list all of the years you’ve spent at college or university.

Elaborate on your educational path to date in this section. Your degree and major should go first, followed by the name of the university and how many years you spent there. Mention all honors, courses, and GPA, as well as other relevant accomplishments.

In case you don’t have a degree, include your high school education. Here’s an example of how to format the education section of your resume properly:

Paralegal Resume Education Section Example

B.A. in Law

Harward University, Cambridge, MA 2008-2012

  • Relevant courses: Constitutional/Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Equity & Trusts, EU Law, Public Law, Land Law, Tort Law

  • GPA: 3.8

Paralegal Resume Skills

As a paralegal, you need to possess a specific set of both soft and hard skills to persuade the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job.

Enrich this section with your skills, but make sure they are relevant to the position. Try to include those skills required by the paralegal job description. If you have no previous experience in this field, focus on transferable skills from previous roles.

Paralegal Hard Skills

Hard skills for paralegals are closely related to the knowledge these professionals must possess. Some of the paralegal resume hard skills samples include, but are not limited to:

Paralegal Hard Skills Examples

  • Performing legal research and investigation

  • Writing briefs

  • Managing ERP systems

  • Experience with eDiscovery

  • Performing transcription

  • Public records research

  • Handling evictions, foreclosures, collections, and trial preparations

  • Conducting client interviews

  • Offering legal assistance

  • Legal filing

Paralegal Soft Skills

Don’t forget to include soft skills—they are as important as the hard ones. Check out the list below to see what soft skills you can include in your resume:

Paralegal Soft Skills Examples

  • Multitasking

  • Organizational skills

  • Communication skills

  • Time management skills

  • Punctuality, independence, and self-monitoring

  • Collaboration skills

  • Diversity awareness

  • Taking initiative

  • Assertiveness

  • Stress management skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Negotiation skills

  • Non-verbal communication skills

  • Persuasion skills

Again, don’t go overboard with listing soft skills, as you’ll end up with a resume that lacks credibility.

Paralegal Resume Other Sections

The four sections we discussed above are mandatory and mustn’t be omitted from your resume. However, there are certain parts that you don’t have to include, but adding them may be beneficial, especially for the role of a paralegal.

All these sections should be placed toward the bottom of your resume, following the skills section.


If you participated in any competition during your studies or internship and won recognition that is relevant to the paralegal profession, let the recruiter or hiring manager know.

Awards represent official recognition of your work and accomplishments. List them under the “Awards” or “Awards and Recognition” section. Alternatively, you can add them to the work experience and education section.


Have you completed any extra courses outside your formal education? Include the certificates you earned to show that you’re continuously working on gaining new knowledge and skills. This will turn a good resume into a great one.

You can list them under the “Certificates” header or add them to the awards section. In case you don’t have a postsecondary degree, you can include these certificates in the education section.


Although it may be tempting to list all the publications you have, you should be careful here and include only those that are related to the law. Recruiters won’t be very interested in your writings about environmental protection, the benefits of sports, etc.

Add a new header titled “Publications” and list your published works, adding when and where they were published.


Knowledge of languages isn’t of huge importance for paralegals, though it may come in handy on some occasions. Plus, adding a language or two besides your native will make your resume look amazing!

Note that when you include language skills, you should also state your level of knowledge. You can choose from basic, intermediate, fluent, proficient, and native.

Should a Paralegal Write a Cover Letter as Well?

Yes, a paralegal should have a cover letter, too—it enables hiring staff to get to know you better.

The message that the cover letter conveys is that you’re not sending your resume randomly. On the contrary—you’re letting the recruiter know that you genuinely want this position at their company.

As you may guess, the paralegal cover letter should be well-structured, just like the resume. A well-written resume will allow you to stand out from other candidates, especially if you pair it with a superb cover letter.

matching cover letter and resume template

4 Best Strategies for Writing a Paralegal Resume

To make an outstanding resume, follow these four strategies:

Paralegal Agent Resume Tips

  • Begin with a strong summary or objective to grab a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention. Summarize your experience along with areas of expertise, skills, and qualifications in two or three sentences.

  • Highlight your skills through experience. Instead of just listing your previous positions, use the opportunity to let the recruiter know what you were responsible for. This way, you show most, if not all, of your hard skills.

  • Keep your resume neat and organized. It should be one page long, so keep it clear and concise. No one wants to bother perusing a three-page-long resume only to realize that the candidate is not a good fit.

  • Pay attention to details, as this skill is crucial in the legal field. Proofread your resume and cover letter to make sure that there are no spelling errors or mistakes. This will serve as proof that you’re neat and well-organized.

Now that you know what you should include in your paralegal resume, check out this standout example to get an idea of how you should craft your own.

Final Thoughts

Creating a paralegal resume can be a challenge, particularly if you’re struggling with what information to include. Thankfully, with our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to craft one hassle-free!

One of the key elements you should pay attention to is the adequate format. The best one for paralegal resumes is reverse-chronological. Next, make sure that all the information you include is relevant to the role. Listing your elementary education and sports skills is of no use for the paralegal position.

If you possess any awards, certificates, or publications, or if you speak a foreign language, add that to your resume. Extra skills will make it even greater, especially if you have no relevant professional experience.

Lastly, pair your paralegal resume with a cover letter to boost your chances of landing a new job.

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