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51+ Resume Objective Samples [W/ Writing Guide & Tips]

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Writing a resume can be tough work - especially when you’ve just graduated from college or don’t have a lot of experience to showcase. 

The good news is that you can utilize sections such as the resume objective to grab the recruiter’s attention and make a good first impression.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about a resume objective, when to use it, and how to write one for 51+ different job types and positions. 

Key Takeaways 

  • A resume objective summarizes your top achievements and goals into a 2-3 sentence paragraph. 

  • A resume objective is most suitable for recent graduates or workers with little to no relevant experience for the position they’re applying for.

  • Always research the company you’re applying to, in order to better understand how your goals fit with their mission, values, and long-term objectives.  

  • Be specific with your skills and achievements to avoid sounding generic or vague.

What is a Resume Objective Statement?

functional resume

A resume objective is a brief (2–3 sentence) statement of your career goals. It’s placed right under your contact information and serves as an introduction for the rest of your resume. 

Specifically, in a resume objective statement, you include the job title you’re applying for, 2-3 key skills, and why you want to acquire this position.

When Should You Use a Resume Objective?

Unlike the education or work experience resume sections, the resume objective statement is an optional section

You may choose to write a resume summary instead. 

A resume summary is an overview of your key achievements, skills, and responsibilities as a professional. It’s particularly useful if you: 

When to Use Resume Summary

  • Have experience of 3 or more years in the same field. 

  • Are applying for a job in the same or a similar field. 

On the other hand, a resume objective is purely a statement of your career intent and goals. That’s why this section is typically beneficial if you: 

When to Use Resume Objective

  • Are a recent graduate searching for your first job

  • Don’t have any work experience.

  • Are switching careers. 

So, as a rule of thumb, use a resume summary when you have work experience to showcase and a resume objective when you don’t.

How to Write a Compelling Resume Objective?

To write a resume objective, you need to answer these three key questions:  

Resume Objective Key Questions

  1. Who are you? Professionally, that is (don’t talk about being a parent of two). Think about the latest education or certification relevant to the position you’re applying for. 

  2. What can I offer the company? What skills or experience do you have that align with the job description? 

  3. How will you help the company achieve its goals? List the responsibilities you plan on taking on in your new position. 

Once you’ve gathered all these answers, put them together into a two- to three-sentence paragraph. 

And boom! You’ve got yourself a strong resume objective statement.

How to Write a Convincing Resume Objective

Now, let’s put these tips into action. 

Here’s a practical example of what the answers to the three questions should look like when put together into a resume objective:

Resume Objective Example

“Hardworking MSc graduate in Digital Communications Management from the University of Washington. Looking to launch my career with XYZ Company as a social media associate. Eager to take advantage of my data analysis and content creation skills to help XYZ Company with their marketing efforts.”

What makes this a compelling resume objective is:

  • It’s a factual summary of the candidate’s most recent education. 

  • It mentions the University of Washington, which helps the candidate stand out. 

  • It uses honest, down-to-earth, and objective language. 

  • It mentions technical skills relevant to the job position. 

And here’s an example of what a resume objective shouldn’t look like:

Incorrect Example

“I am looking for a job position as a social media associate at XYZ Company. My exceptional data analysis and content creation skills will lead to incredible results for the marketing team at XYZ Company."

What makes this resume objective bad is: 

  • It uses subjective terms like “exceptional” and “incredible.” Keep in mind that writing these means it will be necessary to provide evidence to back them up during the interview process.

  • It doesn’t have information regarding the candidate’s previous education or qualifications. 

  • It mentions biggety words that can make the candidate appear a bit self-absorbed. No one likes a bragger. 

5 Tips to Perfect Your Resume Objective 

Still don’t feel ready to start writing your resume objective? No worries! 

We’ve put together a list of 5 pro tips to perfect your resume objective and land that interview. 

Resume Objective Tips

  1. Research the company you’re applying to. Navigate through the company's website and try to find out more about its core values, missions, and goals. This will help you better understand how your career goals fit with those of the company.  

  2. Customize your resume objective for each position you’re applying to. Avoiding a vague resume objective will help keep your resume from getting overlooked, as well as let you show your specific interest in the specific position you’re applying for. 

  3. Keep it simple. This means avoiding unnecessarily complicated language. If you try too hard to sound smart, you might end up being perceived as a bit snobby. So, instead of saying “contemplate”, opt for a simpler word like “think”. 

  4. Use action verbs. They create a bigger impact on the recruiter. Examples include verbs such as “directed”, “coordinated”, “programmed”, “launched”, etc. 

  5. Be as specific as possible. “Architect looking for an architect position” won’t impress any recruiter. Avoid cliches or vague phrases, and incorporate years, licenses, certifications, and other titles whenever possible. 

Resume Objective Samples for 7 Common Use Cases

No Experience Resume Objective Example

No experience - no problem!  

Even if you don’t have any work experience or education to showcase, you can still take advantage of a resume objective to stand out in the eyes of recruiters.  

Instead of talking about achievements and experience, you can put the focus on your best personal traits and skills. Keep it short and sweet, no longer than two sentences. 

Here’s an illustrative example: 

No Experience Resume Objective Example

“Hardworking and enthusiastic employee looking to become part of ABC Company as a Sales Representative. Looking to take advantage of my active listening and relationship-building skills to help ABC increase annual sales and profit.” 

High School Resume Objective Example 

Being a high school student with no work experience doesn’t mean you can’t craft a compelling resume objective. 

There are plenty of highlights for you to mention, such as relevant projects you’ve done, school associations you’re a part of, your GPA, and any other relevant coursework knowledge. 

So, for example: 

High School Resume Objective Example

“Friendly and personable high school student with a 3.93 GPA seeking a position as a Hotel Receptionist at Hilton. Prepared to use my excellent interpersonal skills to deliver prompt customer service for Hilton guests as well as handle records and cash in an error-free manner.” 

College Resume Objective Example 

To craft a resume objective as a college student, try answering the following questions: 

College Student Resume Objective Questions

  • What college projects, activities, and interests do I have that could translate into job skills? 

  • What makes me a good college student and team member? 

  • What personal skills have helped me through my college work?

  • Do I have internship/work experience relevant to the job position? 

 Here’s an example: 

College Resume Objective Example

“Economics sophomore at Georgia Institute of Technology with 6 months of part-time experience as a mortgage loan associate, looking for a Banking role at Bank MNY. Determined to achieve MNY’s sales goals by properly identifying customer needs and referring products and services.” 

Internship Resume Objective Example

The objective of an internship resume is to highlight your desire to learn and apply your top skills, character traits, and abilities to the open internship position. 

Here’s an example of an internship resume objective for a college student: 

Internship Resume Objective Example

“Driven graduate student committed toward an MS in Data Science for Business at the University of London. Aiming to use statistical analysis and empathetic leadership skills to fill the open Associate Consultant Internship role at Bain & Company.”  

Entry-Level Resume Objective Example 

In an entry-level resume objective, you can incorporate your: 

Entry-Level Resume Objective Elements

  • Most marketable soft and hard skills

  • Education and GPA

  • Relevant work experience and completed projects 

Here’s how that looks in practice:

Entry-Level Resume Objective Example

“Sustainable Finance student with a 3.87 GPA seeking an entry-level Risk Analyst position at FNC Inc. Highly skilled in risk analysis and fraud investigation, with strong knowledge of regulations and SAS.” 

Career Change Resume Objective Example

It’s more common to write a resume objective (as opposed to a resume summary) during a career change. 

It helps the recruiter better understand how your skillset from a previous industry translates into the new job that you’re applying for. 

So, we’d recommend thinking about ways your background would help you stand out on the job. 

Then, incorporate those findings into your resume objective, similar to this example: 

Career Change Resume Objective Example

“Charismatic employee with 2+ years of experience in a fast-paced retail sales environment, seeking an entry-level Marketing Assistant position at ABC Company. Hoping to combine my strong communication skills and attention to detail to build solutions that increase brand awareness and improve revenues for ABC Company.” 

Freelance to Full-Time Resume Objective Example 

Freelance work isn’t any less valuable than other types of work. 

So, it’s important to include it as part of your resume objective. It shows your recruiters that you don’t have an actual gap in employment and are able to build your own opportunities. 

In your resume objective, let your most notable skills and freelance work shine. 

Here’s an example: 

Freelance to Full-Time Resume Objective Example

“Freelance Copywriter looking to transition to the position of Content Writer for XYZ Digital Inc. Worked with 12+ businesses, helping with everything from SEO keyword research to producing engaging blog content.”

45 Resume Objective Examples for Different Jobs 

Administrative Jobs Resume Objective Samples

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Statement Example

“Diligent employee looking for an Administrative Assistant position at ABC Inc. Previous experience in several relevant areas, including two years as a secretary and six months as an executive assistant. Strong interpersonal skills and a meticulous eye for detail.” 

Executive Assistant Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recent graduate of the Western University Faculty of Social Sciences with a Master’s in Management of Applied Science. I have three years of experience as an Office Administrator, where I prepared and managed office events, such as conferences, meetings, and promotional activities for the CEO. Looking to apply my pre-existing business skill set in a C-suite office.” 

Secretary Resume Objective Statement Example

“Friendly, dynamic student with excellent customer service and relationship-building skills looking for a Secretary role at XYZ Company. Developed great initiative and project management skills during the course of my MSc program in Business Administration. Ready to use these skills to provide administrative support to the team at XYZ company.”  

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Pleasant and flexible employee seeking a Front Desk Receptionist position at ABC Inc. Bringing in one year of experience as a Receptionist at a Boutique Hotel where I gained hands-on experience with office equipment and developed a great professional attitude and appearance. Hoping to further expand my professional abilities as the first point of contact for ABC Inc.” 

Office Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Motivated graduate student seeking an Office Manager position at XYZ. Looking to stimulate business growth through creative problem solving skills, excellent time management, and coordination abilities. Proficient in Microsoft Office and budget preparation.” 

Marketing Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

Junior Marketing Assistant Resume Objective Statement Example

“Driven Marketing graduate with a year of internship experience creating social media campaigns and preparing promotional presentations. Seeking to fulfill the open position as a Junior Marketing Assistant at ABC Advertising and further expand my knowledge of marketing tactics.” 

Junior SEO Specialist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Freelance SEO Expert with 4 years of career experience helping businesses organically grow their website traffic. Hoping to land a position at XYZ Inc as an SEO Specialist and positively contribute to the team.” 

Copywriter Resume Objective Statement Example

“Copywriter with a BSc in English Language & Literature and 3+ years of experience, specializing in both SEO content creation and copywriting in agency settings. Seeking a full-time Copywriter role at ABC Agency, hoping to boost organic traffic as well as increase email revenue and landing page conversion rate.” 

Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Driven employee with a BSc in Marketing and proficient expertise in marketing analytics, seeking the Social Media Marketing Manager position at ABC Digital. Skilled in Google Analytics and basic graphic design. Eager to assist the ABC Digital team with social media marketing campaigns and establish a successful online presence for their clients.”

Management Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

Project Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Detail-oriented employee with 6+ years of experience in Consulting seeking to use my deductive problem solving and project planning skills as a Project Manager for ABC Company. Excellent planning, time management, critical thinking, and leadership skills.” 

Marketing Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Bachelor student with two years of hands-on work experience as a Marketing Assistant, looking for a part-time Marketing Manager position. Excited about securing a position at ABC Advertising and expanding my leadership and marketing skills in a positive learning environment.” 

Human Resources Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“An accomplished and goal-driven Human Resources manager with five years experience in the field, seeking to gain a position at Adecco. Looking to further develop my experience in the human resources field and help Adecco develop an efficient hiring framework.” 

Hospitality Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

Housekeeper Resume Objective Statement Example

“Trustworthy and personable Housekeeper with 5+ years of work experience seeking a Housekeeping position at XYZ Company. Possess highly developed cleaning skills, as well as communication, multitasking, and time management abilities.” 

Server Resume Objective Statement Example

“Communicative undergraduate student in Hospitality Management applying for the position of Server at FOD Restaurant. Hoping to help FOD Restaurant maintain high serving standards as well as gain new professional experience that supports my studies.”  

Bartender Resume Objective Statement Example

“Applying for the position of Bartender at XYZ Hotel. Bringing in almost 3 years of hands-on experience in beverage mixing, cocktail preparation, and achieving a maximum level of guest satisfaction. Committed to excelling in the hospitality industry.” 

Cook Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recent graduate from the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland, seeking a position as a Junior Chef at Fancy Restaurant ABC. Looking to further develop my cooking skills obtained at school, and to utilize my understanding of cooking utensils and preparation techniques to cater to specific client needs.”

Bar Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Accomplished employee with 2 years of bartending experience looking for a Bar Manager position at ABC Club. During my time as a Bartender, I developed drink menus, trained staff, and restocked supplies, while maintaining a safe and fun environment for customers.” 

Customer Support Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

Customer Service Specialist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Driven and hard-working student working towards a BA degree in Human Services from NSU Florida. Seeking to earn hands-on experience as a Customer Service Specialist for the HR team at ABC Cosmetics. Ready to demonstrate my excellent time management skills and passion for customer satisfaction.” 

Technical Support Specialist Resume Objective Statement Example

“IT student applying for a part-time Tech Support position at XYZ Electronics. Proficient in IT service management software such as Spiceworks. Energetic and enthusiastic, with great customer service skills.” 

Account Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Meticulous Account Manager with a BSc in Business Administration, aiming to maintain excellent client relationships and increase customer retention for ABC Tech. Advanced project management skills and strong communication skills gained during a 7-month internship as a Sales Manager for Store ABC.” 

Sales Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

Cashier Resume Objective Statement Example

“Energetic Bartender seeking to take up the role of a Cashier at ABC Store. Currently working part-time at XYZ Bar, looking for a second part-time job to fill up my time and expand my skill set. Possess excellent communication abilities, a positive attitude, and strong mathematical skills.” 

Sales Associate Resume Objective Statement Example

“Articulate and hard-working employee with almost 2 years of experience in the footwear and fashion industry. Seeking to contribute my fashion knowledge, sales techniques, and people skills as a Sales Associate for Tommy Hilfiger.” 

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and 6 months of hands-on experience working as a Pharmacy Assistant during my studies. Applying for a full-time position as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, where I will bring forth a strong work ethic, extensive pharmaceutical knowledge, and great relationship-building skills.” 

Retail Manager Resume Objective Statement Example

“Sales-oriented Sales Rep of 2 years eager to exceed customer service satisfaction and sales goals as a Retail Manager part of ABC’s retail team. Bringing in excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and decision-making skills. Proficient understanding of Microsoft Office and POS systems.”

Education Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

High School Teacher Resume Objective Statement Example

“Dedicated employee with a BSc in Biology from the University of Oxford wanting to begin my career as a Teacher at ABC High School. Passionate about teaching and seek to help young students unlock their potential.” 

Tutor Resume Objective Statement Example

“Second-year Economics master’s student with a 4.0 GPA, seeking a Tutor position at Stanford University. Willing to tutor bachelor students in Algebra, Calculus, and Microeconomics. Positive, communicative, and an active listener that’s able to adapt to student needs. 

Special Education Teacher Resume Objective Statement Example

“Dedicated and highly-trained Teacher with a BSc in Education and 4+ years of experience teaching diverse classrooms with students who have learning, mental, emotional, or physical disorders. Looking for a position as a Special Education Teacher for XYZ Elementary School.”

College Professor Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recent graduate with an MSc in Banking and Finance from Hult University and 2 years of tutoring experience. Possess great organizational skills and capable of instilling passion in students. Seeking to launch my career as a College Professor at Monroe College.” 

College Professor Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recent graduate with an MSc in Banking and Finance from Hult University and 2 years of tutoring experience. Possess great organizational skills and capable of instilling passion in students. Seeking to launch my career as a College Professor at Monroe College.”  

Medical Jobs Resume Objective Samples

CNA Resume Objective Statement Example

“Recently graduated Nurse looking to support ABC Hospital in offering exceptional patient care. CNA verified, with one year of experience as a nurse aide in assisted living. Proficient in SHR, patient monitoring, HIPAA regulations, and medical terminology.” 

Medical Assistant Resume Objective Statement Example

“Empathetic, BLS certified Medical Assistant seeking to support the patient care team at MediCare Y. Experience involves working in a fast-paced private eye clinic, where I gained excellent observational, record-keeping, and patient care skills. Additional proven skills in patient assessment, medication prescriptions, and empathy.” 

Physical Therapist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Licensed Physical Therapist specialized in pediatrics, seeking a full-time Physical Therapist position at ABC Hospital. Ranked top of the class at the University of Delaware in Exercise Physiology. Volunteered with compassion at Forest Hill Healthcare and New Community Extended Care.”

Finance & Accounting Jobs Resume Objective Samples

Bank Teller Resume Objective Statement Example

“Currently completing my Bachelor's degree in Financial Management. Excellent interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills. Successfully completed my Bank Teller Certification exam. Hoping to join XYZ Investment Bank as a Bank Teller and utilize my customer-focused skills.”  

Junior Accountant Resume Objective Statement Example

“Proficient Accounting Assistant looking to move up to a Junior Accountant position. Eager to utilize my experience with preparing financial statements and budget development to help XYZ Organization maintain a healthy financial status.” 

Accounts Receivable Specialist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Dynamic, bilingual Finance graduate with one year of training in accounting and billing during an internship at XYZ Offices. Accustomed to working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Aiming to earn a position as an AR Specialist for ABC Financing.” 

Financial Analyst Resume Objective Statement Exampe

“A professional Financial Analyst looking for a position with Deloitte where my management and managerial skills will be put to use for the company's development and success. Past accomplishments include streamlining processes and reducing costs by 16% in a 6-month period.”  

IT Jobs Resume Objective Samples  

IT Specialist Resume Objective Statement Example

“Quality-focused, CRISC-certified IT Specialist with a BA in Computer Science. Aspiring to launch my career as an IT Specialist position at Spreader Technology, and provide on-site tech support for IT and AV infrastructure at various locations.”

Software Engineer Resume Objective Statement Example

“Looking for a job opportunity as a Software Engineer at Addon Solutions. Driven individual with an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as skills and expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining software.”

Data Analyst Resume Objective Statement Example

“College student working towards finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics, seeking a part-time Data Analyst position for Tech Co. Proficient in SQL databases, database design, and Javascript frameworks. Excited to use my knowledge and passion for problem-solving to help Tech Co. fulfill its goals.” 

Web Developer Resume Objective Statement Example

“Enthusiastic Web Development Intern seeking a Junior Web Developer position at Software Y. Passionate about developing world-class web applications. During my degree at University X, I created an e-commerce website for a local clothing store. Other relevant skills include DNS Management, Database Management, Wireframes, and C++ programming.”

Resume Objective Samples for Other Jobs   

Real Estate Agent Resume Objective Statement Example

“Licensed Real Estate Practitioner with strong organizational and time management skills, with a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate from the University of Southern California. Applying for a Real Estate Agent position at Prologis. Seeking to use my integrity, active listening, and communication skills to increase annual revenue and sales for Prologis.” 

Electrical Engineer Resume Objective Statement Example

“Energetic and resourceful Electrical Engineer with an extensive background in engineering research gained from my double major in EE and CSE. Almost 2 years of experience in circuit analysis and microprocessor design. Hoping to gain a position as an Electrical Engineer for ABC Engineering.” 

Travel Agent Resume Objective Statement Example

“CTA travel agent seeking to further hone my skills by becoming part of the diverse team at ABC Travel as a Travel Agent. 6 months of experience as a Travel Assistant, where I arranged and managed vacations for 125+ customers. An active listener with great understanding of vendor management software.”

Junior Architect Resume Objective Statement Example

“Innovative Architect with a Bachelor's in Architecture, Master’s in Interior Design, and one year of part-time experience as a Project Architect for ABC Studio. Proficient in 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Revit, and Microsoft Office. Seeking to leverage my teamwork and design skills as a Junior Architect for XYZ Studio.” 

Graphic Designer Resume Objective Statement Example

“Entry-level Graphic Designer passionate about delivering creative and innovative project designs for businesses. Looking to use my strong artistic and technical abilities, as well as high expertise in XML, Javascript, and Adobe Illustrator to develop graphic design projects for ABC Media.”

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