Account Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

A strong account manager resume acts as a portfolio of your skills and experiences that has the goal to impress hiring managers and employers.
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Account Manager

The dynamic business world of account managers experiences fluctuations just like the stock market. One moment, you’re in a serene environment analyzing the numbers, and the next, you’re in a bustling meeting with the clients. You know you can rise up to a challenge, but to persuade your employers the same, you need a strong account manager resume.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of crafting one such document. You’ll learn how to showcase your skills and accomplishments best in order to convince hiring managers of your qualifications. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways

  • The best resume format for most candidates is the chronological one. Two other popular formats include functional and combination formats.

  • Your account manager resume should be one page long with a professional font and a clean layout.

  • The professional experience section is generally the most important in a resume, and it should be its main focus.

  • Optional sections can add a lot of value to your resume as long as they provide information relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

  • Submitting a tailored cover letter in addition to a resume shows diligence and improves your chances with recruiters.

The Right Format to Use For an Account Manager Resume

Popular resume formats

The right format to use for most account managers is the chronological resume format. It’s the established format that lists your past jobs and accomplishments in reverse chronological order. Such an orderly arrangement gives recruiters a clear insight into your work history. Plus, it works well with the applicant tracking software (ATS).

If you’re writing an entry-level account manager resume and have no work experience, you can take advantage of the functional resume format. This one puts your skills as the main section, allowing you to focus on your strengths and still write a compelling resume without a professional history.

Finally, there’s the combination (hybrid) resume format, which is good if you have employment gaps. This one also uses your skills as the main section, but it backs up each one with a list of relevant achievements in reverse chronological order. 

Account Manager Resume Layout

A resume layout is the visual aspect of the document. To achieve a clean and professional look, you can follow these guidelines:

Resume Layout Guidelines

  • In most cases, your resume should be concise and one page long.

  • Use a resume-friendly font like Arial or Helvetica.

  • Set the font size between 10 and 12 pt and make section headings 2–4 pt larger.

  • Adjust margins to 1 inch. 

  • Use line spacing of 1.0 or 1.15.

  • Have sufficient white space between sections to end up with a legible document.

Mandatory & Optional Account Manager Resume Sections

The core of every account manager resume are these five mandatory sections

Account Manager Resume Mandatory Sections

  1. Contact information

  2. Resume objective/summary

  3. Work experience

  4. Education

  5. Skills

On top of that, you can include as many optional sections as you want, as long as there’s space left on the document, and they add value to your application.

Here are some sections to consider:

Optional Sections

  • Certifications

  • Associations

  • Volunteer Experience

  • Languages

  • Hobbies & Interests

Of course, starting a resume from scratch can be daunting, even with all this information. That’s why you can use our resume builder to automate the process and ensure an optimal outcome.

Our digital tool allows you to choose from a number of account manager resume templates. You can then customize these templates and type in your information in blank spots. That way, you’ll have a submission-ready resume in minutes!

Account Manager Resume Template

Here’s one of the many account manager resume templates that you’ll find when using our resume builder:

Account Manager Resume Template

Name and Surname

Phone number: 000-000-0000 | Email: | Location: City, State

[Adjective] [your job title] with [years of experience, if applicable] in [your area of expertise, if applicable] looking for a [position] job at [company name]. Eager to apply [relevant skills] gained through [work/volunteer/other experience] to help [company name] [mention what you can do for the company].

Work Experience

Most Recent/Current Job Title Company City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Previous Job Title Company City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Oldest Job Title Company City, State

[Start date] — [End date]

  • For older jobs, use 2-3 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements


[Degree] in [Major]

[University/college name]

[Start date] - [Graduation date]


Soft Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Hard Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Additional Sections

  • Add any relevant additional sections (languages, licenses, publications, hobbies, etc.)

How to Add Contact Information to Your Account Manager Resume the Right Way

A contact information section goes in the header at the beginning of your resume.

It’s a straightforward section where you should include the following details:

Mandatory Contact Information

  • Your name

  • Job title

  • Phone number

  • Email address

You can also add your address (but only a city and state) and a LinkedIn profile. You should avoid including sensitive personal information for privacy reasons.

Let’s see all that in an example:

Contact Information Section Example

Stephen Ashley Account Manager + 215 594 8505 Philadelphia, PA

Accuracy is paramount in this section, as you don’t want to miss out on a potential interview invite just because you misspelled your phone number or email address.

Account Manager Resume Summary & Resume Objective

The purpose of a resume objective or summary is to grab attention. These introductory paragraphs act as brief descriptions for your account manager resume. They should emphasize your key strengths in 2–4 sentences, convincing recruiters to take a look at the rest of your resume.

An account manager resume objective is best for entry-level candidates who lack experience and want to focus on their skills, motivation, and career goals.

On the flip side, a resume summary is best suited for experienced candidates as it should highlight a couple of your most notable achievements.

Junior Account Manager Resume Objective

Let’s start with a good example of a resume objective written by a junior account manager with no work experience:

Good Example

Highly driven recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration seeking an entry-level account manager position at [Company’s Name]. Proficient in data analysis and adept at using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Looking to contribute to your esteemed organization while striving to become a key account manager.

For contrast, here’s a poorly written example that’s vague and without the necessary details:

Bad Example

I recently graduated, and I’m looking for my first job. I don’t have any work experience, but I’m willing to learn.

Senior Account Manager Resume Summary

A strong account manager resume summary should point out one or two impressive accomplishments that should grab the readers’ attention.

Here’s a good example:

Good Example

Senior sales account manager with 7+ years of experience in the field seeking a position at [Company’s Name]. Proven client onboarding and communication skills that led to a 45% increase in client engagement and an 11% increase in service upsell in [Previous Company]. Looking to leverage financial analysis and reporting prowess to help your organization improve its financial decision-making.

Now compare that to a bad example devoid of any concrete information about the candidate:

Bad Example

Experienced account manager with many valuable skills looking for a new job to put my knowledge to work.

How to Add Professional Experience to Your Account Manager Resume

Professional experience is usually the central section of an account manager resume, so let’s find out how to craft it.

General Tips

Let’s start with the fundamentals and see what each work experience section needs to have.

Here are the details you should include for your previous jobs:

Work Experience Mandatory Information

  • Job title

  • Company’s name

  • Dates of employment

  • List of achievements

If you’re adding multiple previous jobs, you should line them up in reverse chronological order. Make sure that these jobs are relevant to the one that you’re applying for. A bartending student gig from a decade ago doesn't belong on an experienced account manager’s resume.

When listing achievements, you should use bullet points instead of blocks of text, as they are shorter and easier to read. Also, avoid talking about everyday tasks and assignments, but instead focus on outstanding results.

There are two ways to make those results truly pop:

Tips to Write Outstanding Results

  1. Use statistics and numbers for qualification

  2. Leverage action verbs and power words for memorability

Account Manager With Little/No Experience

Having little to no professional experience in the field of accounting means you should leverage other endeavors. This includes volunteer work, freelancing, personal projects, other jobs that require similar skill sets, etc.

Here’s an example of a candidate using their time as an intern to write an outstanding work experience section:

Account Manager With Little/No Experience Example

Work Experience

Account Manager Intern Investing Solutions Fresno, CA

February 2023–January 2024

  • Assisted the sales team in creating an outreach program that improved client engagement metrics by 27%.

  • Devised a robust client database to improve account management processes by up to 33%.

  • Assisted senior account managers in handling 30+ key accounts with a focus on relationship building.

Experienced Account Manager

Experienced account managers should show the full extent of their competence through their professional experience section. This means highlighting outstanding results that directly demonstrate how your previous clients and employees benefited from your expertise.

Here’s a good example of a work history section for a key account manager:

Experienced Account Manager Example

Work Experience Key Account Manager Silver Sky Enterprises San Francisco, CA

April 2020–Current

  • Conceptualized and implemented a comprehensive account management plan that helped the top 3 company accounts see a 37% increase in annual revenue.

  • Led a cross-department product integration initiative for key clients to improve their satisfaction scores by 41% based on internal metrics.

  • Utilized cost optimization and service enhancement techniques to increase the profitability of key client portfolios by 23%.

Account Manager Resume Education Section

The education section of your resume serves to authenticate your skill set.

Typically, this part should be brief and show the following details: 

Education Section Mandatory Section

  • Your degree

  • The institution you went to

  • Years of attendance

In practice, that looks like this:

Account Manager Resume Education Section Example


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 2017–2021

However, if you’re a recent graduate or even still a student looking for your first job, you can add more to your education section. You can include a bullet list with notable details and relevant achievements like high GPA, relevant coursework, student projects, extracurricular activities, and more.

How to Add Account Manager Skills to Your Resume

There are two ways to add skills to your account manager resume, and you should utilize both to maximize your chances with recruiters.

These ways are:

Tips to Add Account Manager Skills to Your Resume

  1. Creating a dedicated account manager resume skills section

  2. Mentioning your key skills throughout the resume

Before that, you need to figure out which account manager skills to add in the first place. The best way to do that is to research the company and read the job ad. That will allow you to create a tailored collection of abilities that you know recruiters want to see instead of randomly adding every skill of yours that you can think of.

You can then include your list in the skills section, but make sure to keep hard skills and soft skills separate due to their differences. Finally, mention the most important skills in your resume objective, summary, and work experience sections, preferably next to relevant achievements.

Account Manager Hard Skills

Here are some of the account manager hard skills to include in your resume:

Account Manager Hard Skills Examples

  • HubSpot

  • Salesforce

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Google Sheets

  • Financial reporting

  • Client onboarding

  • QuickBooks

Account Manager Soft Skills

Some of the most important soft skills for account managers are:

Account Manager Soft Skills Example

Other Sections to Add to Your Account Manager Resume

cv summary

Optional sections can secure you an interview on the spot as long as they convey highly valuable and relevant information about your competence.


Certifications demonstrate specialized knowledge in specific areas in your field. They enhance your credibility and improve your employability. By adding certifications like Certified Strategic Account Manager (CSAM) or Key Account Management (KAM) to your resume, you show dedication to the craft, perseverance, diligence, and more.


Memberships in professional associations demonstrate that you’re an active individual who is committed to your career. That signals to potential employers that you’re up-to-date with the latest practices and that you’re likely a member of a strong network of professionals.

Some associations to list on your resume include the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and the Association for Key Account Managers.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experience is one of the best sections to demonstrate valuable soft skills like collaboration, leadership, management, and organization. It also provides an insight into your personality, traits, and values outside work. Plus, it’s a great section to leverage if you don’t have enough professional experience.


Language skills can be highly valuable in the profession where a lot of work involves communicating with clients. This is especially important if you’re applying to work in a global company that caters to a diverse clientele. When listing proficiency in foreign languages, you should choose an established framework and start with the language you’re most proficient in.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies and interests are typically the least formal of all the sections you can add to your resume, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. By briefly mentioning something you’re truly passionate about, you can stand out from the crowd. Your interests can also be great icebreakers during an interview.

Do I Need a Cover Letter as an Account Manager?

A cover letter is typically not a mandatory document when applying for a job, but it can drastically improve your chances of standing out from the competition.

matching cover letter and resume template

On the one hand, an account manager cover letter represents an additional document that you can use to talk about your competence, qualifications, drive, and motivation. On the other hand, going the extra mile to write and submit an entirely optional cover letter shows dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.

5 Pro Tips for Writing an Account Manager Resume

Now that we’re done with the guide, let’s check out a couple of pro tips that can help you create a masterpiece:

Account Manager Resume Tips

  1. You should not use personal pronouns in your resume summary or objective. That way, you’re shifting focus from yourself to the company and showing how they can benefit from your skills and experience by hiring you.

  2. Don’t neglect your soft skills. While job-specific, hard skills are invaluable to account managers, optimally demonstrating soft skills like leadership, negotiation, and communication can set you apart from other similarly competent account managers.

  3. Tailor your cover letter to the position, just like you’d tailor your resume. That means you should modify or even write a whole new cover letter for every new job that you apply for.

  4. You can turn certain parts of your contact information section into hyperlinks in the soft copy of your resume. That way, you can make your LinkedIn profile and email address clickable and easy to access.

  5. Certain words and phrases in your resume act as keywords for the ATS and for recruiters. That’s why your skills and job title should match the requirements from the job ad.

Closing Thoughts

As you work on your account manager resume, remember to apply the same strategies that you do when negotiating with clients. However, instead of promoting products and services, your goal is to promote yourself and show potential employers that you’ll be an invaluable addition to their team.

You already know how to be strategic, detail-oriented, and people-centric. Simply apply those principles when writing a resume, and you’ll be halfway there. Don’t forget to leverage numbers to add measurable value to your accomplishments, as a resume is more than just a list of buzzwords.

By following these tips and guidelines, your interview will be right around the corner. Best of luck!

Kervin Peterson
Kervin Peterson
Career Coach
Whether you need help preparing for an interview, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, or creating a resume, you can rest assured that our dear Kervin Peterson can help! Kervin is a man who can turn obstacles into experience with his eyes closed, always striving to bring the most to the table. Other than being a career coach, he’s a new dad and loves nothing more than hitting the gym and spending time with his family!

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