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Why & How to List Achievements on a Resume in 2024

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you should list achievements on a resume, the answer is definitely yes. These will demonstrate your skills and competencies, persuading the recruiter that you’re the right candidate for the role. Plus, they may help you stand out from the pool of other applicants

However, adding accomplishments to a resume can sometimes be easier said than done. Many candidates tend to confuse them with duties, while others are struggling with backing them up with quantifiable measures.

To learn how to effortlessly list the most notable achievements on your resume, turn to this comprehensive guide we’ve prepared for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Achievements on a resume showcase your unique skills, qualifications, and expertise, boosting your opportunities to land an interview and, consequently, a job.

  • You can list your accomplishments in several different sections. When doing so, make sure that you include the time period, scale, and results.

  • If you’re a seasoned professional, the best way to list your achievements is in the work experience section.

  • If you’re a student or recent graduate without any experience, add your achievements to other sections, such as education, projects, or volunteer experience.

What Are Achievements on a Resume?

Resume accomplishments refer to the measurable results you yielded in a particular position. Those can be things that you created, designed, built, initiated, or sold that made a particular impact on a company or a client

Their key purpose is to impress a recruiter and show them you have sufficient qualifications to contribute to their company. Being supported by quantifiable measures, such as KPIs or percentages, accomplishments make a better impact than mere duties

Therefore, instead of writing what you were responsible for, elaborate on what you achieved. Recruiters are well-familiar with all the duties related to a specific role; what they want to see is how you can help their company grow

Where Can You List Achievements on Your Resume?

cv personal statement

You don’t need a specific achievements section on a resume; instead, you can add them to various sections, including:

#1. Work Experience

The professional work experience section is the most intuitive part where you can add your accomplishments, as they fit here naturally. Plus, this is what the hiring professionals will be perusing most, so pack this section with all the exceptional accomplishments you’re proud of.

Here’s how: 

Work Experience Tips

  • For every position you had, include up to six achievements listed in bullet points. Don’t mention random ones; focus only on those that are relevant to the role.

  • Start with action words such as coordinated, designed, streamlined, managed, etc., instead of was responsible for, created, and was in charge of, to name a few.

  • Add numbers and percentages to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible.

To catch a recruiter’s attention, follow the CAR (Challenge-Action-Result) when listing your achievements.

Here’s an example:

work experience

#2. Education Section

If you’re a student or recent graduate and have no experience whatsoever, you can list your education on your resume as part of your achievements. Since you don’t have any professional expertise, this will be the most significant section of the document.

This is what you can include in it:

Education Section Tips

  • An exceptionally high GPA

  • Participation in extracurricular activities

  • Making the Dean’s list

  • Graduating with honors

  • Being involved in an abroad study program

  • Completing relevant coursework

  • Taking part in academic projects

Here’s an example:

education on resume

#3. Resume Summary

A resume summary serves as your elevator pitch; you use it to compel a recruiter to stay and read your resume down to a T. Is there a better way to do so than by including your key achievements?

If you have a wealth of experience, you may also consider including a summary of qualifications instead of a resume summary. However, if you’re just starting out or changing careers, a resume objective is a more adequate choice.

Here’s an example:

resume summary

#4. Other Sections

If you’d like to list some personal achievements on your resume, you can do so in the following sections:

Optional Sections

  • Awards

  • Certifications and licenses

  • Publications and projects

  • Conferences

  • Foreign languages

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Volunteer experience

Check out an example:

volunteer work

How to List Achievements on a Resume Properly

When adding achievements to your resume, make them as specific and quantifiable as possible by including the three elements listed below:

#1. Time Period

Timeframe stands for the period of time you spent on the assignment, as well as how frequently you worked on it.

The most convenient way to include figures in a specific achievement is to answer the following questions:

Time Period Questions

  • How often could you do the particular task?

  • How much work could you finish within the given timeframe?

  • How complicated were the projects you finished?

Here’s an example:

Time Period Examples

  • Resolved 60 customer tickets per day.

  • Created 4 social media posts per week for LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as 7 posts per week for Instagram. 

  • Reached 50,000 clients a week with a social media budget of $500/month.

  • Coordinated a newsletter delivered to 700 clients every day.

#2. Scale

Essentially, scale refers to what you did—managed or trained a team, sold a specific number of devices, etc.

Again, answer the following questions to obtain the desired accomplishments:

Scale Questions

  • How many people did you manage in a team?

  • What was the amount of budget you dealt with?

  • How many countries/states did the company cover?

Check out the example:

Scale Examples

  • Coordinated a team of 30 employees in the sales department.

  • Trained 10 associates to reach the position of specialist.

  • Spearheaded the consistency of the brand across 10 international markets.

#3. Results

This one is self-explanatory—whatever results you have achieved in previous positions, add them to your resume.

Here’s an example:

Results Example

  • Conceived, performed, and published a study on the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on urban populations, securing $50,000 in funding. The results were published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.

23 Achievements You Should Put on Your Resume

Check out the list of achievements on a resume for 23 different positions:

#1. Administrative Assistant Achievements

Here’s what the accomplishments of an administrative assistant should look like:

Administrative Assistant Achievements Example

  • Implemented cost-saving measures, leading to a 15% reduction in office expenses.

  • Negotiated vendor terms and saved $5,000 on office supplies annually.

  • Spearheaded the integration of project management software that improved collaboration by 40%.

  • Successfully managed executive schedules, reducing conflicts by 25%.

#2. Office Manager Achievements

These are examples of key achievements for an office manager:

Office Manager Achievements

  • Implemented a new office organization system that reduced document retrieval time by 40% and improved overall workflow.

  • Streamlined office processes and decreased operational costs by 25% within the first year.

  • Effectively managed the office budget with a 10% under-budget performance.

#3. Sales Associate Achievements

If you’re a sales associate, this is how you can list your accomplishments:

Sales Associate Achievements Example

  • Generated $200,000 in additional revenue through upselling and cross-selling strategies.

  • Implemented a customer loyalty program, which contributed to a 20% growth in customer retention.

  • Streamlined the sales process by introducing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system that reduced order processing time by 20%.

#4. Customer Service Achievements

Here are job achievements examples for a customer service agent:

Customer Service Achievements Example

  • Increased customer satisfaction scores by 15% through personalized interactions and quick issue resolution.

  • Successfully de-escalated customer conflicts, which decreased churn by 30% and increased customer retention.

  • Implemented a streamlined process for handling customer inquiries and reduced response time by 25%.

#5. SEO Specialist Achievements

This is how to put achievements on a resume if you’re an SEO specialist:

SEO Specialist Achievements Example

  • Increased organic website traffic by 40% through strategic optimization of on-page elements, keyword research, and content development.

  • Successfully executed a comprehensive SEO audit and identified and resolved critical issues, leading to a 25% improvement in search engine rankings.

  • Optimized website content and user experience and increased online lead generation by 20%.

#6. Cashier Achievements

Here’s an example of achievements on a cashier's resume:

Cashier Achievements Example

  • Improved checkout efficiency through the implementation of streamlined cash-handling procedures.

  • Demonstrated strong cash handling skills, managing cash drawers up to $10,000 daily without any discrepancies.

  • Successfully identified and prevented potential fraudulent activities, which resulted in a 20% decrease in unauthorized transactions.

#7. Data Analyst Achievements

If you’re a data analyst, use this example to describe your own achievements:

Data Analyst Achievements Example

  • Streamlined data collection and processing workflows, which reduced manual effort by 25% and improved overall data accuracy.

  • Automated routine data cleaning tasks, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources in analytical activities.

  • Developed and implemented dynamic dashboards using Power BI that enhanced data visualization and facilitated data-driven decision-making.

#8. Bank Teller Achievements

Check out an example of bank teller achievements on the resume:

Bank Teller Achievements Example

  • Recognized for providing exceptional customer service that resulted in a 15% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

  • Managed cash drawers with precision and balanced daily transactions without discrepancies.

  • Achieved a 20% increase in upselling bank products and services

#9. Software Engineer Achievements

Here’s how to detail software engineer resume accomplishments:

Software Engineer Achievements Example

  • Led a cross-functional team to deliver a critical software project three weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Implemented Agile methodologies and improved project delivery times and overall team efficiency by 20%.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot and resolve complex software issues, reducing bug resolution time by 25%.

#10. Accountant Achievements

Here are examples of resume achievements for an accountant:

Accountant Achievements Example

  • Maintained meticulous records, which resulted in a smooth external audit process with zero major findings.

  • Streamlined month-end closing procedures and reduced the closing timeline by 30%.

  • Automated routine tasks, improving efficiency and minimizing errors by 25%.

  • Introduced cost-control measures, contributing to a 10% increase in overall profitability.

#11. Receptionist Achievements

Take a look at what a receptionist’s achievements on a resume should look like:

Receptionist Achievements Example

  • Demonstrated proficiency in managing a high volume of incoming calls that led to a drop of 25% in missed calls.

  • Implemented a digital calendar system to improve scheduling accuracy and reduce double bookings by 40%.

  • Received consistent positive feedback for providing exceptional customer service.

#12. UX/UI Designer Achievements

Here’s an example of UX/UI designer accomplishments:

UX/UI Designer Achievements Example

  • Introduced innovative design concepts, which contributed to a 30% enhancement in the overall aesthetics of the product.

  • Spearheaded the implementation of a cutting-edge design trend that improved the visual appeal of the application.

  • Conducted usability testing, implemented feedback, and achieved a more intuitive and user-friendly design.

#13. Teacher Achievements

This is what the teacher's resume achievements look like:

Teacher Achievements

  • Increased the overall student academic performance by 30% after the implementation of tailored teaching strategies.

  • Designed and executed engaging lesson plans and contributed to a 35% improvement in standardized test scores.

  • Successfully incorporated technology into the classroom, enhancing student learning experiences and fostering a 25% increase in digital literacy.

#14. Nurse Achievements

Check out an example of achievement on a nurse’s resume:

Nurse Achievements Example

  • Implemented a patient-centered care approach and advanced patient satisfaction scores by 15%.

  • Obtained certification in a specialized area such as critical care or pediatrics.

  • ​​Played a key role in emergency response teams, effectively managing critical situations and reducing response times by 30%.

#15. Business Analyst Achievements

These are some of the business analyst's achievements for a resume:

Business Analyst Achievements Example

  • Conducted in-depth data analysis, providing key insights that informed strategic decision-making and contributed to a 25% boost in profitability.

  • Developed and implemented data visualization tools that enhanced the accessibility of critical business metrics and improved reporting efficiency by 20%.

  • Reduced project scope changes by 30% after collaborating with cross-functional teams in order to gather and document business requirements. 

#16. Dental Assistant Achievements

Here’s an example of a dental assistant's accomplishments on a resume:

Dental Assistant Achievements Example

  • Demonstrated exceptional chairside assistance, optimized workflow, and reduced procedure times by 20%.

  • Implemented effective patient communication techniques that increased patient comfort levels during procedures.

  • Introduced pain management strategies, leading to a 25% drop in reported discomfort from patients.

#17. HR Specialist Achievements

If you’re seeking to polish your HR specialist resume, this is the best way to describe your achievements:

HR Specialist Achievements Example

  • Implemented targeted sourcing strategies that enhanced the quality of candidates (25%) and decreased turnover (15%).

  • Streamlined HR processes, reduced onboarding time by 20%, and improved overall efficiency.

  • Revamped the company's training program, boosting employee skill proficiency by 30%.

#18. Project Manager Achievements

This is what a project manager’s resume achievements look like:

Project Manager Achievements Example

  • Led a business process optimization project and achieved a 35% increase in operational efficiency.

  • Developed and implemented data visualization tools that enhanced the accessibility of critical business metrics and improved reporting efficiency by 20%.

  • Advanced clarity and reduced misunderstandings by 40% after implementing a standardized requirements documentation process.

#19. Marketing Specialist Achievements

Here’s an example of accomplishments for a marketing specialist’s resume:

Marketing Specialist Achievements Example

  • Executed targeted marketing campaigns and obtained a 25% increase in lead generation as well as a 20% improvement in conversion rates.

  • Spearheaded the development of a comprehensive social media strategy, contributing to a 20% growth in online engagement and brand visibility.

  • Developed and implemented a content marketing plan that increased website traffic by 45%.

#20. Electrical Engineer Achievements

Check out what an electrical engineer’s accomplishments look like:

Electrical Engineer Achievements Example

  • Led a cross-functional team in the successful completion of a major electrical project, exceeding performance goals and reducing project duration by 20%.

  • Developed and implemented innovative design solutions, which led to a 30% improvement in product performance and reliability.

  • Introduced a cost-effective design modification and reduced production costs by 25%.

#21. Executive Achievements

If you’re an executive looking for new opportunities, here’s an example of achievements to list:

Executive Achievements Example

  • Engineered a comprehensive sales strategy that led to a 35% increase in annual revenue within the first year of implementation.

  • Led the development and execution of a multi-year strategic plan, aligning organizational goals with market trends and emerging opportunities.

  • Successfully diversified revenue streams by launching new product lines and entering untapped markets, expanding the customer base by 20%.

#22. Financial Analyst Achievements

Take a look at an example of financial analyst resume accomplishments:

Financial Analyst Achievements Example

  • Developed robust financial models that accurately forecasted revenue, expenses, and cash flow, aiding in strategic planning and resource allocation.

  • Conducted comprehensive cost analysis and identified operational inefficiencies, which saved the company $2 million annually.

  • Enabled management to focus resources on high-margin products and key customer segments by analyzing product and customer profitability. 

#23. Academic Professor Achievements

Here’s how you can list academic achievements on a resume:

Academic Professor Achievements Example

  • Mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students, resulting in several published research papers and successful industry placements.

  • Published 50 papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine.

  • Presented research findings at 20 national and international conferences, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the academic community.

How to List Achievements as a Student

Upon seeing all these professions, you must be wondering how to write a resume as a student and list any achievements, given that, as a recent graduate or a student with no work experience, you have to write a no-experience resume.

The most convenient way is to add your accomplishments in other sections, such as education, volunteer experience, or projects you worked on.

Here’s an example:

Achievements as a Student Example

Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteered as a coding mentor for local high school students, introducing them to basic programming concepts. 

  • Led a 10-week coding workshop, resulting in a tangible improvement in the students' coding skills.


  • Created a simple online learning platform allowing users to enroll in courses, complete quizzes, and track progress. 

  • Employed database management concepts for efficient data storage.

Final Thoughts

Achievements on a resume are the part that a hiring professional will peruse most. They demonstrate your expertise, skills, and qualifications; thus, they can set you apart from other candidates and secure you an interview for a new job.

Yet, achievements can easily be confused with duties and responsibilities, which many candidates tend to do. Luckily, once you get the gist of them and learn to list them as we’ve demonstrated in this guide, you won’t be having any more troubles!

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