Caregiver Resume Example & Writing Guide

A persuasive caregiver resume will help you land a job by showcasing your most relevant skills and accomplishments to prospective employers.
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Though the role of caregiver is not a typical competitive, corporate role, you’ll still face a lot of competition while trying to land the caregiver job of your dreams. And to do that, you need an impressive caregiver resume, besides having a kind heart and deep compassion.

Your caregiving resume should paint a precise, vivid image of you both as a person and a professional by showcasing your skills, abilities, expertise, and commitment.

So, whether you’re providing in-home care for individuals with disabilities, tending to the elderly, or assisting patients in a healthcare facility, this article will take you through the whole process of creating a great caregiver resume, step by step.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a one-page chronological resume format, as this is the most reliable and concise layout for caregiver resumes.

  • Apart from filling in the mandatory sections, which provide the potential employers with the essential information, make sure to include a couple of optional sections to stand out.

  • Lack of experience is no obstacle to writing an impressive resume; just focus on your skills, abilities, and volunteer experience if you have any.

  • Make sure to focus on the most relevant skills for the job you’re applying for by taking time to research and analyze the job ad.

How to Format a Caregiver Resume

analytical skills

Regardless of the type of caregiving job you’re applying for, you can be sure of one thing: your potential employer will go through piles of resumes and cover letters, and only those that catch their eyes instantly will end up in the potential candidate pile.

Therefore, to ensure you even stand a chance, your resume needs to be structured to be easy on the eyes, with the most important info standing out instantly.

While there are mainly three resume formats—chronological, functional, and combination, the chronological one seems to be the safest bet as it displays your experience from your latest job, which usually is the most important one.

A functional resume format focuses more on the skills than on the work history, disregarding dates and other facts related to your experience. This format may be a good option if you don’t have work experience.

The combination resume format blends the features of the other two types and may be very effective. However, it can also be a bit confusing.

The chronological resume format is by far the most commonly used one, as it is the least confusing and the most concise, so we’ll focus on it in this article.

Caregiver Resume Layout

As for the layout of your resume, make sure it fits one page (with 1-inch margins on all sides) and choose a that is easy to read, in standard 10-12 pt (apart from section headings which should be 14-16 pt).

When it comes to resume structure, there are five mandatory sections that are the basis of every resume:

Mandatory Sections

  1. Contact information

  2. Resume objective/summary

  3. Work experience

  4. Education

  5. Skills

Since you’re applying for a caregiver’s role, which implies being able to establish relationships with the people you give care to, it is highly recommended that you also include additional sections that give more insight into the type of person you are. So, you can also add:

Additional Sections

  • Certification and licenses

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Volunteer experience

Caregiver Resume Sections

Following the above-mentioned guidelines is easy, but there’s an even easier way to set up your resume from the ground up; our resume builder. It comes with premade templates with blanks allowing you to customize it the way it suits your needs best.

So, instead of checking the margins, font sizes, and section length, you can leave these details to our software.

The resume builder ensures the format and layout of your resume are optimal, but your resume's content depends entirely on you.

Caregiver Resume Contact Information

There’s not much philosophy about the contact information section; just make sure it includes all your relevant contact details; name, title, phone number, and email address. You can also add a social media profile like LinkedIn if you find it relevant, but providing your Tiktok or Instagram profiles wouldn’t be the best move, as a resume should be your professional presentation, not an overview of your personal life.

Here’s an example of a complete Contact Information section:

Good Example

Anna Leafer Professional Caregiver + 314 764 8746

How to Write a Caregiver Resume Objective/Summary

It is safe to say that the objective/summary section of your resume is the most important section, as the majority of hiring managers won’t bother to look any further if this paragraph doesn’t capture their attention. For that reason, it goes in your resume header, right below your contact information.

Whether you’ll be writing an objective or a summary depends on whether you are an entry-level or experienced caregiver. If you have little to no experience, you’ll be writing an objective, and if you are an experienced professional, you’ll be writing a summary.

Entry-Level Caregiver Resume Objective

Having no experience is in no way an obstacle to writing an impressive caregiver resume objective. Your motivation, enthusiasm, education, skills, and abilities are just as valuable as someone’s work history. Let’s check how a well-composed resume objective can present you in the best light:

Good Example

“Dedicated and caring caregiver with a background in geriatric psychology and human development. Volunteer at a local senior center on a regular basis. Recognized for responsibility and a friendly demeanor. Possess an Advanced Caregiving Training certification. Non-smoker”

After reading the resume objective above, you already have a pretty clear idea of the person behind the resume, unlike what you’ll have after reading the following resume objective:

Bad Example

“Caregiver without experience seeking long-term employment. Eager to learn and develop professionally.”

Caregiver Resume Summary

A caregiver resume summary should highlight the key references that are the most relevant for the job you’re applying for.

Let’s see a good resume summary example:

Good Example

“Compassionate caregiver with more than 6 years of professional experience providing quality care to families, individuals, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Skilled at cultivating an atmosphere that is welcoming and secure while also assisting with activities of daily living, medication management, and monitoring of vital signs.

A demonstrated history of being able to improve the overall quality of life of those who are in my care through various means of intervention. Reputation for establishing immediate trust and comfort with patients and their loved ones.”

If you write an incomplete, vague, or summary that is too short, you risk giving off the impression that you’re not telling the truth or lacking the motivation for the role. Here’s what to avoid:

Bad Example

“Experienced caregiver with diverse experience and a number of professional certifications. Willing to go above and beyond to help my clients.”

Caregiver Resume Work Experience

internship resume

Being a caregiver is a very demanding profession that requires the ability to build trusting relationships with others. Therefore, you can be sure your potential employer will go through every detail of your work history. So, let’s see how you can make the most of your work experience section.

General Tips

Showcasing your work history shouldn’t be too complicated. Apart from including necessary details like your role, the employer and its location, and the start and end dates of employment, you should also focus on notable achievements. On that note, here are a few general guidelines:

Work Experience Guidelines

  • List your jobs in reverse-chronological order. Your latest employment should be the first one your potential employer sees, as this one is, in most cases, the most relevant one.

  • Describe your role effectively. Each position you held should be concisely described in terms of your responsibilities, tasks, and particular accomplishments. To do that, use a bulleted list to ensure it’s neat and skimmable.

  • Use quantifiers. It may not be easy for a caregiver to quantify their work, but when possible, use numbers, percentages, and statistics about your work, as this is a very persuasive way to demonstrate your expertise.

  • Use action verbs and power words. Finally, it is highly recommended that you use action verbs and power verbs in your job descriptions, as these have more impact on the employer.

Caregiver With No Experience

For a caregiver, having compassion can often be more important than having experience. So, don’t fret if you lack experience in this area; you can still create a great resume to land the role you want.

You can describe any professional experience in which your compassion, communication, people skills, and sense of responsibility were on display. Here’s how a caregiver resume with no experience objective can leave a remarkable impression:

Good Example

Work Experience English Language Tutor Self-employed March 2020–June 2023

  • Prepared foreign students for taking the ESL exam with a 98% success rate.

  • Provided emotional and professional support for students who faced significant anxiety issues related to taking the ESL exam.

  • Organized and structured ESL preparation program and prepared lessons and materials.

  • Provided students with further direction and support related to their studies.

Experienced Caregiver

If you are an experienced caregiver, the key to success for you lies in customizing your work experience to fit the specific job role you’re applying for. That means you’ll want to focus on those accomplishments, results, and skills that are most relevant to your potential employer.

Here’s an example of how a candidate applying to be a caregiver in a senior facility emphasized their relevant experience:

Good Example

Work Experience Caregiver XYZ Senior Care Services

  • Provided care to a wide variety of elderly clients, always giving them my full attention and compassion.

  • Helped the clients with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, taking medications, and monitoring vital signs.

  • Provided clients with emotional support and companionship and engaged them in stimulating activities that were age appropriate.

  • Kept meticulous care records and communicated effectively with clients' families to ensure they received the best possible treatment.

  • Worked with medical professionals to develop and modify care plans.

Caregiver Resume Education Section

It is essential you emphasize any relevant education, training, or certification you have acquired, as not only can these compensate for possible lack of experience but also help you leave the impression of a devoted professional. Even if you haven’t yet completed your studies, you should still include them; just put “current” instead of the graduation year.

Your education section should include your degree, the institution you attended, and your enrollment and graduation years. If you’ve taken any specific courses, training, or practices, make sure to include these too.

Here’s an example of what the education section should look like:

Good Example

Education BA in Geriatric Psychology Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, USA 2010–2013 Relevant coursework: CPR certification, CNA certification, caregiving and communication, emotional support and caregiving, roles and responsibilities of caregivers.

Caregiver Resume Skills

It takes a special person to make providing care for others their profession. While compassion is undeniably essential, a good caregiver needs many diverse qualities, starting with the desire to make a difference in the lives of those they take care of.

Many caregivers specialize in providing care to a specific category of people, while some never develop any preferences. Whatever the case, you will want to focus on the skills that are most relevant to your current potential employer.

So, research the job requirements and caregiver resume duties, evaluate which of your skills are the best fit, and highlight them in your resume.

However, simply listing them is not good enough. Employers must be assured you’ve got what it takes as providing care is very delicate. That is why you should explain each of your critical skills with an example or accomplishment.

A smooth way to highlight them without writing another elaborate list is to link particular skills to particular achievements you’ve mentioned in the resume objective, summary, or bullet points of your work experience.

Caregiver Hard Skills

Here are some hard skills that could be relevant to your caregiver resume:

Caregiver Hard Skills

  • Hygiene and Personal Care

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Medication Administration

  • Nutrition and Meal Preparation

  • Medical Equipemnt Operation

  • Mobility Assistance

  • Infection Control

  • Record Keeping

  • Wound Care

Caregiver Soft Skills

Here are some soft skills that are very desirable in a caregiver’s job:

Caregiver Soft Skills

Caregiver Resume Optional Sections

As we’ve already mentioned, trust is essential for success in this profession. The more complete your resume, the more trustworthy you appear to potential employers. Therefore, adding a personal touch in the form of optional sections to your caregiver’s resume is highly recommended.


Any additional certification you earn portrays you as a dedicated professional who loves their job. For example, some of the most recognized certifications for caregivers include:

Good Example

  • CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

  • HHA - Home Health Aide

  • CMA - Certified Medication Aide


Knowledge of foreign languages can be a big advantage in this business, as it also speaks to your cultural sensitivity. Include the proficiency level of each language you speak. You can create a subsection dedicated to languages where you will state the exact level of knowledge you have acquired.

Hobbies & Interests

Your hobbies and interests give valuable insight into the type of person you are. If you play an instrument, sing, or paint, those could be activities your clients would like to engage in too.

Volunteer Experience

Any volunteer experience you have is relevant to your caregiver resume. You can also link some of your skills, like compassion or teamwork, to your volunteer experience to demonstrate how devoted a professional you are.

Why You Should Attach a Cover Letter With Your Caregiver Resume

A cover letter is not a mandatory document. Still, since the quality of your work depends a lot on your communication skills, it could be an excellent way for you to provide proof of your ability to connect, build relationships, and present your expertise.

On that note, a well-written cover letter is like a blueprint of your personality and professionalism; the first reason a potential employer goes through your resume. You can benefit greatly from sending a compelling cover letter with your resume, even if the employer doesn’t require it— it can help you show how much you care for the job.

Here’s a visual example of a matching resume and cover letter template:

matching cover letter and resume template

3 Best Practices for Creating a Caregiver Resume

Here are a few more expert tips for writing an effective caregiver resume:

Expert Tip

  • Submit your cover letter and resume as PDF files to ensure proper formatting across all devices.

  • Proofread every document you’re sending to ensure it is free of typos, neat, and organized.

  • Include letters of recommendation from your previous employers to provide evidence of your expertise and enhance trust.

Outstanding Caregiver Resume Examples

To help you get the hang of how a well-composed resume looks like, here are a few samples you can always come back to for inspiration:

Caregiver With No Experience:


Caregiver With Experience:

caregiver with experience

Closing Thoughts

Whenever you feel drained by going through all the details of crafting a compelling cover letter and a structured resume, just remind yourself that, as a caregiver, you overcame much more complicated challenges!

You know that to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself first, so don’t hesitate to paint a vivid and impressive picture of your personality, skills, and expertise.

We are sure you’ve got all you need to land the job of your dreams; best of luck!

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