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Barbie's professional career spans more than 60 years, yet she managed to create a concise and information-packed one-page Barbie resume.
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Meet Barbie, one of the most talented and accomplished personalities of the past 60 years—and she’s plastic! Yet even with decades of achievements, this fashion icon is gifted enough to fit her Barbie resume on one page!

There’s no task too difficult or job too challenging for this polymath. Barbie went to the moon and back before running for the presidential chair. She can give you sound legal advice, cook you a delicious meal, or help your company reach new heights with her impeccable CEO skills.

Barbie is the single most qualified plastic doll ever put in a box. She is not just a global fashion phenomenon; she’s a symbol of endless possibilities in the professional world, so let’s take a look at her astonishing resume!

Barbie is an accomplished individual who still managed to present her competencies concisely and on one page. This is what a complete Barbie resume looks like, from a heading to a list of hobbies and interests.

Complete List of Barbie’s Careers

Barbie has had hundreds of successful careers over the decades that she’s been active. Let’s take a look at some of her more prominent work.

Barbie’s Early Careers

Barbie debuted as an astounding fashion model way back in 1959 and has been expanding her portfolio ever since. Here’s a list of some of her early careers:

Barbie's Early Careers

  • Fashion model. When she first showed up, Barbie was a stylish blonde in a striped bathing suit.

  • Fashion designer. Her work in the fashion industry led Barbie to become a prominent designer.

  • Singer. From a fashion start to a golden-voiced performer, Barbie effortlessly made a successful career as a singer.

  • Ballerina. Being a famous prima ballerina is just the perfect vocation for this artistic fashionista.

  • Flight attendant. From singing, dancing, and performing on the ground to maintaining the safety of passengers in the air, Barbie proved she could do anything.

  • Business executive. Barbie took advantage of her impressive management and leadership skills to become an outstanding business executive.

  • Astronaut. Insatiable curiosity coupled with superior talent and prowess led Barbie to become an astronaut several years before the 1969 Moon landing.

  • Olympic gymnast. Eager to put her athletic aptitude to the test, Barbie became a distinguished Olympic gymnast.

  • Olympic figure skater, skier, and swimmer. A strong competitive spirit within Barbie led her to become an impressive, multi-talented Olympic Games participant.

In addition to all that, Barbie had many other successful careers in the past, including:

Other Successful Careers

  • Actress

  • Rock star

  • Nurse

  • Game show host

  • Maid

  • Ice cream cart owner

  • McDonald’s cashier

Modern-Day Barbie’s Careers

Barbie has always followed trends and put her skills to good use where they were needed most. Here are some of her modern-day careers:

Modern Day Barbie's Careers

  • United States President. The best way for Barbie to help as many people as she wanted was to become a US President.

  • Dentist. Barbie has been in healthcare for decades. She was everything from a nurse to a surgeon before deciding to become a dentist as well.

  • Lifeguard. What better way to directly help people while also getting tanned?

  • Chief Sustainability Officer. Her endeavors to improve people's lives led Barbie to become a notable figure in ecology and sustainability.

  • Interior designer. With a keen eye for detail and a history in design, this was a natural choice for Barbie.

  • Marine biologist. Barbie combined her love for science, the sea, and animals to become a marine biologist.

  • Ballet teacher. After decades of experience performing as a ballerina, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she decided to teach others to be just as good as her.

  • Firefighter. Barbie is always there to save the day as a diligent firefighter.

Barbie List of Hard and Soft Skills

It’s safe to say that Barbie has one of the most comprehensive lists of skills that just keeps growing. Here are some of her most prominent job-specific hard skills:

Hard Skills

  • Catwalk techniques

  • Pose mastery

  • Operations management

  • Project management

  • Financial analysis

  • Business planning

  • Patent diagnosis

  • Dental procedures

  • Pediatric care

  • Architectural drafting

  • Interior design

  • Emergency response

  • SCUBA diving

  • Data analysis

  • Food handling and preparation

  • Food presentation techniques

But let’s not forget that she’s also a role model and a people person with many valuable soft skills, including:

Soft Skills

  • Adaptability

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Problem-solving

  • Teamwork

  • Empathy

  • Negotiation

  • Active listening

  • Networking

  • Public speaking

  • Mentoring

  • Interpersonal skills

Closing Thoughts

From her inception in 1959 to an award-winning Barbie movie released in 2023, Barbie has been an influential figure to people around the globe. Her fulfilling career is something the rest of us mere mortals dream of.

And while we dream of reaching Barbie’s level, we can learn from her and use her Barbie resume template to increase our chances of success in our careers. That way, we might capture a bit of her magic while working towards a life as fantastic as hers!

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Isabelle Dupont
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