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Content Creator Resume Example & Writing Guide

A well-written content creator resume showcases your skills and experience in the best way possible to secure you an interview invitation.
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Content is king in today’s digital business market. The vast majority of companies are on the internet and social platforms, creating and uploading texts, images, videos, and other media to engage with clients and customers. If making that content is your specialty, a well-written content creator resume can help you get a job in this artistic career.

In this article, we’re going to explore the process of resume writing. We’re going to learn how to make a concise document that speaks volumes about your skills and experience while being interesting to read and easy to remember. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Key Takeaways

  • The best format for most content creators writing a resume is the chronological one.

  • For optimal chances of success, your resume should be one page long, with distinct sections and a clean layout.

  • The majority of hiring managers will spend the most time looking into a candidate’s professional experience section.

  • Make sure that the skills you add to your resume are the ones needed for the job that you’re applying for.

  • Improve your chances of getting an interview by submitting a cover letter in addition to your resume.

How to Format Your Content Creator Resume

resume templates

You should format your content creator resume so that it conveys details about your skills and experience in a clear and easy-to-read manner. To help with that, there are three established resume formats that have been proven to give candidates the best chances with recruiters.

These formats are:

Popular resume formats

Popular Resume Formats

  1. Chronological. This is the most widely used resume format that arranges your past jobs in reverse-chronological order. That way, hiring managers can easily check how you’ve progressed in your career. Plus, this format is compatible with the ATS, ensuring you’ll pass the initial software scan.

  2. Functional. This format is tailored toward entry-level users who lack work history. It uses the candidate’s skills to create a comprehensive section and emphasize their competence without mentioning past jobs.

  3. Combination. The combination or hybrid resume format has the elements of the previous two. It also places skills first, but it backs up every skill with work-related accomplishments. A lack of a clear timeline makes this format particularly good for those with employment gaps.

Content Creator Resume Layout

A resume layout represents the design aspect of the document.

For starters, you want a clean and elegant resume that is preferably one page long. Hiring managers often have to go through many resumes at once, so they are used to concise documents that quickly give them what they want to see.

To achieve that, you can follow these guidelines:

Resume Layout Guidelines

  • Select a resume-friendly font, such as Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica.

  • Set the font size between 10 and 12 pt for regular text and 14–16 pt for section headings.

  • Margins should be at least 1 inch on all sides.

  • Line spacing should be 1.0 or 1.15.

  • Utilize white space between sections to make each one distinct and to create a clean design.

Content Creator Resume Sections

The foundation of every content creator resume are these five mandatory sections:

Resume Mandatory Sections

  1. Contact information

  2. Resume objective or summary

  3. Work experience

  4. Education

  5. Skills

After you’ve included these, you can add multiple optional sections as long as they are relevant to the job that you’re applying for. Some of the best ones for a content creator resume are:

Resume Optional Sections

  • Awards

  • Personal Projects

  • Conferences/Lectures

  • Languages

  • Hobbies & Interests

If this is your first time writing a resume, we suggest you try out our resume builder. It’s a robust all-in-one solution designed for everyone, whether you’re making a content creator resume for an entry-level or senior position or anything in between.

You can start by selecting an expert-made template that suits your needs. Then, customize it to your liking by adjusting the color, font, and sections, all the while adding your details in predesignated spots. That way, you can have a professional resume in minutes!

Content Creator Resume Template

To show you what you’ll find when using our builder, here’s a content creator resume template:

Content Creator Resume Template

Name and Surname

Phone number: 000-000-0000 | Email: | Location: City, State

[Adjective] [your job title] with [years of experience, if applicable] in [your area of expertise, if applicable] looking for a [position] job at [company name]. Eager to apply [relevant skills] gained through [work/volunteer/other experience] to help [company name] [mention what you can do for the company].

Work Experience

Most Recent/Current Job Title Company City, State [Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Previous Job Title Company City, State [Start date] — [End date]

  • For recent jobs, use 5-6 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements

Oldest Job Title Company City, State [Start date] — [End date]

  • For older jobs, use 2-3 bullet points to list your top achievements and responsibilities

  • Use action verbs to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out

  • Add numbers to quantify your achievements


[Degree] in [Major] [University/college name] [Start date] - [Graduation date]


Soft Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Hard Skills

  • Skill #1

  • Skill #2

  • Skill #3

  • Skill #4

  • Skill #5

Additional Sections

  • Add any relevant additional sections (languages, licenses, publications, hobbies, etc.)

Add Contact Information to Your Content Creator Resume

Contact information is a typical section that goes in the header of your resume.

These are the details you should include:

Header Mandatory Details

  • Your name

  • Job title

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Adding your location is optional, and even then, you should only include a city and state. On the other hand, as a content creator, you should add links to your portfolio, personal website, relevant social media pages, LinkedIn, and similar places where your work is on display.

Let’s see what that looks like in an example:

Header Example

Amanda Reynolds Content Creator + 925 759 9038 San Francisco, CA

Content Creator Resume Objective and Resume Summary

The content creator resume objective or summary is the first paragraph that the hiring manager is going to read. That’s why it needs to be catchy and packed with impressive details. Think of it as a brief description of your content creator resume designed to highlight your key strengths from the get-go.

If you’re an entry-level content creator, an objective can help you emphasize your skills, motivation, and career goals.

As a senior professional, you should write a summary to point out one or two notable work-related achievements.

Junior Content Creator Resume Objective

Let’s start with a good example of a content creator resume objective that clearly highlights the candidate’s skills and goals:

Junior Content Creator Resume Objective Example

Recent graduate with a B.S. in Communications looking for a junior content creator position at Bright Star Digital. Adept at using 7+ social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Looking to leverage proficiency in trend predictions to help your content creation team while learning to become a paid social media advertising specialist.

However, if you don’t specify your abilities or ambitions, you’ll end up with a bad example like this one:

Bad Example

Entry-level content creator looking for my first job. No real-world experience, but I am a fast learner.

Senior Content Creator Resume Summary

To grab the attention of hiring managers with a content creator resume summary, showcase some of your most impressive achievements, like in the following example:

Senior Content Creator Resume Summary Example

Versatile content creator with more than 7 years of experience in the space seeking a senior position at Seven Steps Marketing. Notable accomplishments include managing accounts on 5 different platforms for a corporate client and increasing their follower count by 27% within the first year. Looking to bring experience with short-form video creation to your esteemed organization.

Compare that with a bad example that lacks any substantial results that hiring managers could use to gauge the applicant’s competence:

Bad Example

Senior content creator with many years of experience in the world of digital marketing looking for a challenging position to utilize my extensive set of skills.

How to Add Professional Experience to Your Content Creator Resume

Professional experience is generally the most important part of a content creator resume, so let’s learn how to make it impeccable.

General Tips

The best way to list your past jobs is in the reverse-chronological order. You should start with the latest role and go down from there. However, make sure that everything you include is relevant to the position that you’re applying for.

Here are the details to list for every job that you add to your work experience section:

Work Experience Mandatory Details

  • Job title

  • Company’s name

  • Employment dates

  • Results and achievements

The best way to highlight your qualifications is through a list of accomplishments. Here are some tips on how you can make this part stand out:

Tips to Highlight Your Qualifications

  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs, as they are easier to read

  • The optimal number is 3–5 bullet points for every job

  • Include statistics and numbers to add measurable value and believability to your achievements

  • Leverage action verbs and power words instead of overused terminology to make the whole section memorable

Content Creator With No Experience

Even when you’re writing a content creator resume with no experience, you can craft a compelling professional history section by leveraging other activities. This includes efforts like volunteer experience, personal ventures, college projects, and more.

Here’s an example of a candidate using their internship to write a strong section:

Content Creator With No Experience Example

Work Experience

Social Media Manager Intern Sunflower Creations Sacramento, CA

July 2023–April 2024

  • Collaborated with 3 senior content creators on a video marketing campaign that garnered more than 1.5 million views for the client across 5 different platforms.

  • Assisted social media managers by responding to comments and messages, improving customer engagement rates by 41%.

  • Streamlined email automation processes to reduce manual work required by up to 11 hours per week.

Experienced Content Creator

If you’re an experienced content creator, you want to highlight more than the ability to produce content. For instance, you can emphasize your management and leadership skills and results that directly show how your previous employers benefitted from your competence.

Here’s an example:

Experienced Content Creator Example

Work Experience

Senior Content Creator Cloud Digital San Francisco, CA

March 2020–Current

  • Led a team of 13 content creators to produce high-quality content for multiple platforms, resulting in a 130% increase in web traffic for the client over a 15-month period.

  • Conceptualized and implemented a comprehensive content strategy for the company, resulting in a 27% YoY revenue growth through lead generation.

  • Managed content and marketing budget of $350,000, reducing the client’s CPA rates by 29% while maintaining the same content quality and content.

Freelance Content Creator

When crafting a freelance content creator resume, you want to focus on the technical aspect of the profession and show the exact results of your work. Here’s a good example:

Freelance Content Creator Example

Work Experience

Freelance Content Creator Self-Employed Los Angeles, CA

June 2021–Current

  • Spearheaded the summer promotional campaign for a soft drink brand across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, increasing their follower count by 27% and their audience engagement rates by 31%.

  • Utilized Google Analytics and Social Blade to modify content strategies for a corporate client, boosting their clickthrough rate on promotional posts by 33%.

  • Maintained partnerships with 11 influencers in the client’s niche, helping them reach more than 300,000 potential customers and increasing their engagement by up to 55%.

Make Your Content Creator Resume Education Section Stand Out

The education section of your content creator resume should typically be brief and factual. It’s generally enough to list your:

Education Section Mandatory Details

  • Degree

  • The institution that issued it

  • Years of attendance

In practice, that looks like this:

Education Example


Bachelor of Science in Communication Cal State LA, Los Angeles, CA 2016–2020

This is often enough information if you have a detailed work history section. However, if you’re an entry-level candidate, you can put more emphasis on your education. In that case, you can add a bullet list with notable academic accomplishments and mention relevant coursework, college projects, extracurricular activities, high GPA, etc.

15+ Skills to Add to Your Content Creator Resume

nurse resume

There are two main goals you want to achieve when adding skills to your content creator resume:

Main Goals to Achieve When Adding Skills

  1. You want the skills in your resume to be relevant to the job that you’re applying for

  2. You want to prove your skills with work-related accomplishments

To ensure that you’ve listed those abilities that hiring managers and potential employers want to see, you should research the company and carefully read the job ad. After that, you’ll have optimal sets of hard and soft skills to add to a dedicated section.

When proving your abilities, you want to mention them in your resume summary and work experience section. Put them next to quantified results, and you’ll validate your competence in the eyes of hiring managers.

Content Creator Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific to the career of content creators and are typically learned through specifically designed courses and programs. Here are some that you can add to your resume:

Content Creator Hard Skills Examples

  1. SEO

  2. Copywriting

  3. Video editing

  4. Photo editing

  5. Graphic design

  6. Canva

  7. Google Ads

  8. Twitter Ads

  9. Facebook Ads

Content Creator Soft Skills

Soft skills are broad and transferable between careers. They are generally improved through experience. Some of the most sought-after soft skills for content creators are:

Content Creator Soft Skills Examples

Other Sections You Can Add to Your Content Creator Resume

how to write a cv

Optional sections allow you to improve further your chances with hiring managers by showcasing additional qualifications.


Awards show that your work has been recognized as exceptional. This can set you apart from the competition by showing that the audience and your peers have acknowledged your skills.

Personal Projects

Demonstrating personal projects is a great way to make up for a lack of professional history for entry-level candidates. It allows you to show your work to hiring managers and potential employers. Plus, it shows initiative and passion for the craft, as you worked on projects even when there wasn’t a monetary incentive.


Participation in conferences and lectures highlights your interest in the profession. It shows that you’re interested in continuously learning and improving. Further, it indicates that you’re someone who’s up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, all of which are important to employers.


Language skills are beneficial on multiple levels. They help professionals produce content that can reach global audiences. Proficiency in foreign languages also enables better communication with colleagues, clients, and audiences from different cultures. That’s why adding these skills to your resume can give you an edge over other candidates.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies and interests provide insight into who you are as a person beyond job-specific skills and achievements. This can make you more memorable in the eyes of hiring managers. Plus, talking about hobbies and interests can be a great way to break the ice during interviews.

Do You Need to Write a Cover Letter as a Content Creator?

You usually don’t need a cover letter, but submitting it can vastly improve your chances of getting an interview invite. Simply going the extra mile to write this document signals that you’re a dedicated, hardworking individual. Plus, you get a whole new letter to talk about your qualifications and passion for the craft.

matching cover letter and resume template

3 Top Tips for Creating a Content Creator Resume

Let’s wrap it up with a few top tips on how to polish your content creator resume to perfection:

Tips to Write Content Creator Resume

  1. Certain words and phrases in your resume—such as your job title and your skills—act as keywords. They can help you pass the ATS scan, and they draw the attention of hiring managers.

  2. As a creative professional, having a link to your portfolio in your resume can vastly improve your chances of getting called for an interview. If you’re an entry-level professional who doesn’t have a website yet, you can use one of the portfolio builders or even link to a relevant social media profile, like Instagram. 

  3. When writing a cover letter, make sure that it matches your resume. Instead of repeating the information in both documents, diversify and use them to paint a more complete picture of your qualifications.

Closing Thoughts

Content creation is a booming field, with an expected job growth of 12% between 2020 and 2030. One of the best ways to grab one of those spots is with a well-written resume.

That’s why we’ve provided an in-depth guide on how to craft every part of this document and a complete example of a content creator resume that you can use to understand the nuances better.

So, get those creative juices flowing, don’t forget to use our resume builder if you need assistance, and don’t be surprised when those job offers start going your way!

Kervin Peterson
Kervin Peterson
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