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The work of a receptionist revolves around capturing attention and demonstrating their skills without appearing robotic. We’re going to take similar approaches to writing our receptionist cover letter.

Since you’re often the first point of contact with customers, you know the importance of a good first impression. That’s why you understand how vital it is to write a compelling cover letter that can make you stand out in a sea of other candidates.

To achieve that, you want to be efficient and organized, like you are at your reception desk during peak hours. With a tip here and a guideline there, you’ll have a receptionist cover letter that will impress any hiring manager and increase your chances of landing an interview. Let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways

  • The design of your receptionist cover letter should be clean and professional, and your letter should be one page long.

  • Address the hiring manager by their name to personalize your cover letter and establish a connection with them.

  • Make sure to have a catchy first paragraph, an information-packed midsection, and a closing paragraph with a call to action.

  • Tailor your cover letter to the job ad and ensure that it matches and complements your resume.

How to Format a Receptionist Cover Letter

resume format

If you have no idea how to start writing your receptionist cover letter, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that there’s a format to follow. Here’s the format that will help you arrange the contents of your letter in the proper order:

Cover Letter Format Guidelines

  • Your contact information and the date of writing

  • The recipient’s contact details

  • A formal greeting

  • A catchy first paragraph with your key strengths to grab the reader’s attention

  • The body of your cover letter, which should describe what makes you perfect for the role

  • The final paragraph with a strong call to action to increase your chances of being contacted

  • A formal letter closing

  • Your name

Optionally, you can include a postscript after finishing your receptionist cover letter, as a P.S. at the end of a letter usually grabs attention. You can use this part for highlighting a notable achievement and convincing the hiring manager, who may have skimmed through your cover letter, to give it another look.

Now that we know how to organize the information in our cover letter, let’s see how to present it in a visually appealing way. To create a satisfying cover letter layout, you can follow these guidelines:

Cover Letter Format Guidelines

  • Your cover letter should be one page long, with the body of text having 3–5 paragraphs and 250–400 words.

  • Choose a professional and legible font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, or Garamond) and set its size to 10–12 pt.

  • Set margins to be 1 inch on all sides and use 1.0 line spacing.

How to Write a Receptionist Cover Letter

Before we give you a detailed explanation of how to write each section of your receptionist cover letter, here’s a template to help you visualize the whole document:

 receptionist cover letter

#1. Add Contact Information in the Header

Functional Resume

Contact information is a necessary section that goes in the header of your receptionist cover letter. Here are the details to include:

Mandatory Details

  • Name

  • Title

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • (Optional) Full mailing address

Proceed with the date of writing and then include the recipient's information. One of the most impactful things you can do before you start writing a cover letter is to find out the name of the recipient.

By addressing the hiring manager by their name, you build rapport right off the bat and create a personalized experience for the reader. Not only that, but some hiring managers won’t even read cover letters if they don’t find their names on them.

Let’s put that into practice and check out an example:

Good Example

Kathryn Harlow

Hotel Receptionist

3122 Locust View Drive

San Francisco, CA 94115


Fort Lauderdale, 07/05/2023

Timothy McFadden

Hiring Manager

Starview Hotel

1251 Monroe Avenue

Tampa, FL 33610

#2. Greet the Hiring Manager

After a formulaic contact information section, you should formally greet the hiring manager to introduce them to the body of your cover letter. A simple way to do it is demonstrated in the following example:

Good Example

Dear Mr. McFadden

If you can’t find the hiring manager’s name, you can address them by their title (e.g., Dear Hiring Manager). The only thing you should avoid at all costs is a bland “To whom it may concern.”

#3. Emphasize Your Achievements in the Introduction

It’s safe to assume that you won’t be the only one applying for a job. As a matter of fact, sometimes hiring managers have to go through so many cover letters that they only skim through them. That’s why you want a powerful intro that will grab their attention in an instant.

Highlight some of your most notable accomplishments and valuable skills in the first paragraph of your receptionist cover letter. Upon seeing that, chances are hiring managers will stick around to find out more about you.

Here’s an example:

Good Example

I am writing to express my keen interest in the hotel receptionist position at the Starview Hotel. With my strong customer service skills and a proven track record of successfully checking in an average of 150 guests per day, I believe I can be a valuable asset to your team.

#4. Elaborate on Why You’re the Right Fit

A good receptionist cover letter simply portrays you as a competent candidate, but a superb one explains why you’re the best person for the specific job that you’re applying for

Writing a cover letter isn’t just about haphazardly talking about your receptionist skills and accomplishments. It’s about tailoring it to match your resume and meet the expectations of potential employers.

That’s why a medical receptionist cover letter will feature vastly different abilities and achievements than a cover letter for a gym receptionist. You want to read the job description and research the company to ensure you’re showing hiring managers what they want to see.

Then, compress all this valuable information into 1–3 paragraphs, include numbers to quantify your achievements, and you’re good to go. Here’s an example:

Good Example

Some of my key skills include negotiation, diplomacy, and problem-solving. I am adept at managing guest complaints and promptly resolving any potential issues. This approach allowed me to resolve 96% of guest complaints in under 24 hours, resulting in a 13% decrease in negative reviews and an 11% rise in guest loyalty.

#5. Add a Call to Action

To end your cover letter on a high note, you want a strong closing paragraph with a call to action (CTA). This marketing principle, used to prompt an immediate response from the recipient, can help you secure an invitation for an interview.

The best thing is that adding a CTA to your cover letter is as simple as mentioning that you’re looking forward to an interview. Here’s an example of a candidate adding a call to action in the final paragraph of their cover letter:

Good Example

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and passion to Starview Hotel. I would appreciate the chance to discuss how my experiences align with your requirements during an interview. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of your enterprise.

#6. Write a Formal Closing

Since you’ve opened your receptionist cover letter with a formal greeting, it’s only natural to close it in a similar manner. There are several ways to go about it, and any of them work as long as you’re being polite and professional.

Here’s an example

Good Example


Kathryn Harlow

#7. Proofread the Cover Letter

After you’re done writing your cover letter, you should proofread it carefully. There are several good reasons for it, including the following ones:

Proof Reading Tips

  • Proofreading helps you spot any mistakes or typos that can lessen the impact your receptionist cover letter has on the hiring manager.

  • By examining a finished cover letter, you can determine whether certain parts need trimming or extending.

  • You can fine-tune your cover letter to better fit the requirements from the job ad or match your receptionist resume.

You should consider sending a PDF sample of your receptionist cover letter to a friend or colleague during the proofreading stage. It can be beneficial to have someone with a fresh perspective take a look at it, as they might discover areas for improvement or mistakes you could’ve overlooked.

When you put everything we learned into practice, you'll get a complete example of a hotel receptionist's cover letter that looks like this.

Receptionist Cover Letter Writing Tips

With the bulk of the guide out of the way, let’s wrap it up with a few final expert tips to help you craft a stellar receptionist cover letter:

  • Even if you’re applying for a job with no experience, send a sample of your cover letter for a receptionist and use it to emphasize your skills and motivation. Since you don’t have job-related accomplishments, you want to display drive and passion for the role and emphasize relevant abilities to show that you have potential.

  • The only time you shouldn’t write a cover letter is when a job ad or potential employer specifically tells you not to submit one. In every other case, even a short cover letter for a receptionist is better than nothing. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile, and you can use the opportunity to personally address the hiring manager and include a call to action.

  • Some employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan cover letters. This software is usually set up to favor cover letters that follow the proven format that we talked about. Moreover, ATS can look at your skills and experiences in search of keywords, which is why you should match the requirements in the job ad.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, writing a receptionist cover letter is not that different from doing your job. It’s all about tiptoeing that fine line between professionalism and personality. Moreover, showcasing your skills and experience while adding a touch of charm can make your document stand out.

So, as you sit down to write your next cover letter, think of ways to leave a lasting impression on hiring managers. Be modest yet confident. Use storytelling to emphasize your abilities through the results obtained in the workplace.

Ultimately, keep your eyes on the prize. Your goal is to convince a potential employer that you are the receptionist they’ve been searching for. May your cover letter and your genuine smile open doors of opportunity!

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