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How to Write a Professional CV Summary [with 30+ Examples]

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A CV summary is your first chance to impress a hiring professional and compel them to review your CV for longer than a few seconds. If it’s poorly written or not interesting enough, your curriculum vitae will end up in the trash almost instantly. 

To grab a recruiter’s attention, your CV summary has to be brief and strong and include the right keywords and action words outlining your career highlights. But how are you supposed to sum everything up in just a few sentences? 

With our extensive guide, it’s perfectly possible. Continue reading to learn how!

Key Takeaways

  • A CV summary serves as a catchy snapshot of your experience, achievements, and skills.

  • Job seekers with more than one year of work experience should include a summary in their curriculum vitae, while entry-level candidates and career changers would benefit more from a CV objective.

  • To craft a perfect CV summary, you should tailor it to the job you’re applying for, quantify your achievements, use action verbs and words, and rely on a specific formula. 

What Is a CV Summary?

A CV summary or statement refers to a short paragraph that reiterates your strongest qualifications. Placed at the top of your curriculum vitae, right below the contact information, it is the very first part that catches the recruiter’s eye when they look at the document.

A strong summary is not long; it consists of two to five sentences only and contains information about:

Mandatory CV Summary Information

  • Your job title and years of expertise

  • Two or three greatest accomplishments to date

  • One or two of your strongest skills relevant to the role

You may ask why you should include a summary in your CV if you’re going to list your experience, achievements, and qualifications in designated sections anyway. However, a recruiter receives 250 applications per job posting on average. To manage to check them all out, they will just scan a CV for a few seconds.

This further means that you have about seven seconds to make a good first impression, as this is the amount of time an average recruiter will spend on a CV. In those several seconds, it is your summary that will make them stay on your curriculum vitae or discard it. If your CV summary is impressive enough, it will entice them to keep reading to its end.

Who Should Use a CV Summary?

what is a cv

This brief section may not fit every job seeker; whether you’ll need it or not largely depends on your professional expertise.

A CV summary is beneficial for seasoned professionals who:

Professionals Who Benefit From Having a CV Summary

  • Have a traditional career path

  • Have more than one year of experience in the field

  • Gained accomplishments relevant to the job

A CV summary with no experience, however, is not a good option, as this section is supposed to highlight your achievements and experience, which entry-level candidates probably don’t have. Thus, if you’re writing a CV for an entry-level position or you’re changing careers, a CV objective focusing on your career goals and aspirations may be a better option

An exception to this is an application for an assistant researcher. In this case, it’s completely acceptable to write a CV summary for freshers or a CV summary for students.

3 General CV Summary Examples

We present you with three CV summary examples to give you insight into what this section should include:

#1. CV Summary Example 1

Here’s what a CV summary for a marketing specialist should look like:

Marketing Specialist CV Summary Example

Seasoned Marketing Strategist with a proven track record in developing and implementing successful multi-channel campaigns. Eager to bring a data-driven approach to optimize brand visibility and drive revenue growth for ABC Company. Acknowledged for making the most of market trends and consumer insights to deliver impactful results.

This summary specifies the candidate’s skills and highlights their result-driven approach, clearly stating what they will bring to the table.

#2. CV Summary Example 2

Check out the summary example for a project manager CV:

Project Manager CV Summary Example

Accomplished Project Manager adept at leading cross-functional teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. Eager to bring expertise in risk management and process optimization to Capital Investments Inc., driving operational efficiency. Proven ability to communicate complex ideas effectively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

A CV summary like the one above emphasizes the job seeker’s accomplishments, along with their experience and relevant skills.

#3. CV Summary Example 3

Here’s an example of a software engineer CV summary: 

Software Engineer CV Summary Example

Detail-oriented Software Engineer passionate about creating innovative solutions and eager to contribute technical proficiency to your team. Proficient in full-stack development, with a track record of delivering high-quality software applications within tight deadlines. Recognized for effective collaboration in cross-functional teams and quick adaptation to emerging technologies.

This example of a CV summary clearly highlights the candidate’s key hard skills and soft skills.

How to Write Your CV Summary the Right Way

how to write a cv

Writing a CV summary can be thorny, as there are several things to keep in mind. The point is not only to pick the greatest achievements and top unique skills but also to brim with confidence about them.

Use these tips and tricks to turn your good CV summary into a splendid one:

#1. Tailor the Summary to the Specific Position

When crafting a CV summary, it’s critical to tailor it to the position you’re applying for. You may have a wealth of professional experience and accomplishments, but they will fall through if you fail to include those that are relevant to the specific role.

To tailor your summary to a specific job, check out the job advertisement and pay attention to the experience, skills, and qualifications an ideal candidate must have. Personalize those must-haves and include them in your CV summary. This way, you’ll spark a hiring manager’s interest so that they have no other option than to continue reading your curriculum vitae.

#2. Quantify Your Achievements

The achievements listed in your CV summary will sound more impactful and credible if you support them with measurable facts and figures, like percentages or statistics. 

Measurable achievements will leave an immediate impression compared to plain claims that are not backed up. The key difference between the two is that the former sound like plausible accomplishments, while the latter resemble a responsibility.

#3. Use the Right CV Summary Formula

With the proper CV summary formula, crafting this section will no longer be a struggle, so use it to make a compelling summary that will astonish the recruiter.

The formula goes like this: 

CV Summary Formula

[adjective(s)/strong character trait(s)] [your job title] [your experience]. Eager to support/help/assist/etc. [company name] [what you want to help the employer achieve and how you want to do it]. [your key achievement(s)].

Simply replace the prompts, and you’ll get a stellar CV summary like this: 

CV Summary Formula Example

Result-oriented Marketing Specialist with 7 years of experience in crafting and executing impactful marketing strategies. Eager to enhance ABC Company's brand visibility and market share through innovative campaigns. Proven success in driving a 20% increase in online sales and a 15% rise in social media engagement. Ready to contribute expertise in digital marketing and content creation for company growth.

#4. Use Action Verbs and Power Words

To make your CV summary more alluring, ditch phrases such as ‘team player,’ ‘accountable for,’ ‘responsible,’ ‘reliable,’ etc. Besides being too ubiquitous and generic, they don’t convey absolutely anything.

Action verbs and power words, however, can make your skills and accomplishments pop. Plus, you may get bonus points for creativity and taking extra steps to come up with unique content. 

Some action verbs and power words you can add to a CV summary include but are not limited to:

Action & Power Words Examples to Use in a CV Summary

  • Persuaded

  • Ignited

  • Interpreted

  • Gathered

  • Advocated

  • Clarified

  • Facilitated

  • Encouraged

  • Guided

  • Directed

  • Attained

  • Coordinated

  • Developed

  • Orchestrated

  • Initiated

  • Spearheaded

  • Implemented

  • Streamlined

  • Piloted

  • Pioneered

30 Standout CV Summary Examples for Different Jobs

cv templates

In the following section, you can find 30 examples of a CV summary for various positions to use either as inspiration or as a CV summary template. 

#1. Executive Assistant CV Summary

Check out these examples to get an idea of what an executive assistant summary should look like:

Executive Assistant CV Summary Example #1

Dedicated Executive Assistant with over a decade of experience in streamlining operations and providing top-notch administrative support. Eager to support ABC Company in achieving efficiency and organization. Adept at managing executive calendars, coordinating travel arrangements, and facilitating seamless communication. Instrumental in implementing time-saving processes that resulted in a 45% increase in the overall productivity of [previous company].

Executive Assistant CV Summary Example #2

Proactive and detail-oriented Executive Assistant with a proven track record of supporting C-suite executives in fast-paced corporate environments. Eager to assist Capital Investments Inc. in optimizing workflow and enhancing executive effectiveness. Proficient in coordinating high-profile meetings, managing confidential information, and prioritizing tasks to meet tight deadlines.

Executive Assistant CV Summary Example #3

Results-driven Executive Assistant with seven years of experience in supporting senior leadership teams. Eager to contribute to Stetson Hat Legal Group's success by providing administrative assistance and ensuring the smooth functioning of daily operations. Strong command of MS Office and Google Workplace.

#2. Accountant CV Summary

Here you can find examples of a summary for an accountant CV/resume

Accountant CV Summary Example #1

Meticulous Accountant with a decade of experience in managing complex industry-related tasks. Committed to implementing advanced accounting methodologies to streamline processes and contribute to the company's financial success. Conducted comprehensive audits that resulted in identifying and rectifying discrepancies, leading to a 15% reduction in financial errors.

Accountant CV Summary Example #2

Detail-oriented and result-driven Accountant with hands-on experience in handling financial data and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Eager to assist Cyberautics Corporation in achieving financial excellence through meticulous analysis and reporting. Proficient in implementing cost-saving measures and optimizing financial systems.

Accountant CV Summary Example #3

Senior Accountant with eight years of experience in managing budgets, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial statements. Eager to contribute to Cisco Enterprises by providing accurate financial insights and supporting strategic decision-making. Implemented a robust budget tracking system that improved cost control and contributed to a 10% increase in budget efficiency.

#3. Data Entry CV Summary

This is what a data entry CV/resume summary should look like:

Data Entry CV Summary Example #1

Detail-oriented Data Entry Specialist with a proven track record of maintaining accuracy in data input and processing. Eager to support Data Source Corporation in achieving optimal data management and organization. Committed to enhancing efficiency through swift and error-free data entry. Implemented a data validation process that reduced errors by 20%, contributing to improved overall data quality.

Data Entry CV Summary Example #2

Highly organized Data Entry Clerk with five years of experience in handling large volumes of data with precision. Eager to assist Axion Data Services in achieving streamlined data workflows and improved data integrity. Proficient in using advanced data entry methods to ensure accuracy and reliability. Implemented a data categorization system that enhanced retrieval speed, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity.

Data Entry CV Summary Example #3

Dedicated Data Entry Specialist with seven years of experience in data entry and database management. Acknowledged for maintaining a high level of productivity in fast-paced environments. Eager to contribute to the Dogwood Alliance by providing meticulous data support. Implemented process improvements that resulted in a 30% reduction in data entry time, allowing for more efficient handling of time-sensitive projects.

#4. Marketing Manager CV Summary

If you’re wondering what a CV summary for a marketing manager should be like, look no further—here are some examples:

Marketing Manager CV Summary Example #1

Strategic and results-driven Marketing Manager with a decade of experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns. Eager to support SelectX Marketing Solutions in boosting brand visibility and market share. Spearheaded a rebranding initiative that resulted in a 25% increase in brand awareness within six months.

Marketing Manager CV Summary Example #2

Forward-thinking Marketing Manager with a proven track record in building and managing high-performing marketing teams. Eager to help LYFE Corporation achieve marketing excellence and expansion. Proficient in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that align with existing business objectives. Successfully launched a product marketing campaign that generated a 30% increase in sales revenue within the first quarter.

Marketing Manager CV Summary Example #3

Experienced Marketing Manager with a passion for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies. Eager to contribute to ABC Company's growth by enhancing market positioning and customer engagement. Adept at utilizing data-driven insights to optimize overall marketing performance. Implemented a social media advertising campaign that resulted in a 40% boost in online engagement and a 20% increase in lead conversion.

#5. SEO Specialist CV Summary

Here’s what a CV summary for an SEO Specialist can look like: 

SEO Specialist CV Summary Example #1

Result-oriented SEO Specialist with a proven track record in optimizing websites for search engines and driving organic traffic growth. Eager to support DEF Tech Solutions in achieving top-ranking positions and enhancing online visibility. Successfully led an SEO overhaul for a previous employer, resulting in a 30% increase in organic traffic within three months.

SEO Specialist CV Summary Example #2

Analytical SEO Specialist with five years of experience in developing and executing successful SEO strategies. Eager to assist GHI Marketing Agency in achieving online prominence and increased website traffic. Proficient in conducting comprehensive SEO audits and implementing on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Implemented a backlink strategy that improved the website's domain authority, resulting in a 25% increase in search rankings.

SEO Specialist CV Summary Example #3

Proactive SEO Specialist with a passion for staying ahead of the digital marketing curve. Eager to contribute to Pulse PR Agency in optimizing its online presence and driving sales through effective SEO strategies. Adept at keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO. Implemented a mobile optimization plan that resulted in a 20% increase in mobile search traffic.

#6. Copywriter CV Summary

Check out examples of a copywriter CV summary:

Copywriter CV Summary Example #1

Creative and versatile Copywriter with a decade of experience in crafting compelling content. Eager to support NYC Advertising Agency in delivering impactful messaging that resonates with target audiences. Successfully developed a content strategy for a previous client, resulting in a 35% increase in brand awareness and a 40% boost in customer engagement.

Copywriter CV Summary Example #2

B2B Copywriter with a proven track record in developing persuasive and brand-aligned content. Eager to assist Clarity E-commerce in creating captivating copy that drives conversions and enhances brand perception. Proficient in tailoring messaging for various platforms and audiences. Implemented a product description overhaul that contributed to a 25% increase in online sales.

Copywriter CV Summary Example #3

SaaS Copywriter with a passion for crafting content that captivates and converts. Eager to contribute to Zenith Marketing Solutions in developing compelling campaigns and elevating brand messaging. Adept at creating content across diverse industries and platforms. Led the creation of a social media campaign that garnered a 30% increase in user engagement and generated significant buzz within the target market.

#7. Recruiter CV Summary

If you need a summary for a recruiter CV/resume, you can use these examples for inspiration:

Recruiter CV Summary Example #1

Proactive Recruiter with a decade of experience in talent acquisition and human resources. Eager to support LMN Corporation in sourcing top-tier candidates and building a high-performing team. Committed to streamlining recruitment processes and identifying exceptional talent. Successfully reduced time-to-fill by 20% through the implementation of targeted sourcing strategies.

Recruiter CV Summary Example #2

Result-focused Recruiter with a proven track record in identifying and attracting the best talent across diverse industries. Eager to assist Innometrics Company in building a dynamic workforce that aligns with the company's strategic objectives. Proficient in conducting thorough interviews and assessments. Achieved a 35% increase in successful placements through the implementation of a comprehensive candidate evaluation process.

Recruiter CV Summary Example #3

Strategic Recruiter with a passion for connecting talented individuals with opportunities that align with their career goals. Eager to contribute to NYX Enterprises in building a team that drives organizational success. Adept at fostering positive candidate experiences and maintaining strong relationships. Led a diversity recruitment initiative that resulted in a 30% increase in the hiring of candidates.

#8. HR Coordinator CV Summary

Here are examples of a CV summary for an HR Coordinator:

HR Coordinator CV Summary Example #1

Well-organized HR Coordinator with five years of experience in managing human resources functions. Eager to support Formonix Company in creating a positive and efficient workplace by ensuring seamless HR operations. Committed to implementing streamlined onboarding processes, resulting in a 15% reduction in new employee orientation time.

HR Coordinator CV Summary Example #2

Proactive HR Coordinator with a proven track record in handling employee relations and facilitating HR processes. Eager to assist GHI Corporation in building a collaborative and engaged workforce. Proficient in managing benefits administration and employee engagement initiatives. Successfully implemented a wellness program that led to a 20% increase in employee satisfaction and morale.

HR Coordinator CV Summary Example #3

Efficient HR Coordinator with a passion for optimizing HR processes to support organizational growth. Eager to contribute to SwipeWire Enterprises by implementing effective HR strategies that attract, retain, and develop top talent. Adept at managing recruitment processes and conducting effective training programs. Achieved a 25% reduction in time-to-fill for open positions through the implementation of streamlined recruitment procedures.

#9. Chef CV Summary

If you’re on the lookout for a chef role, use these examples to help you craft your CV summary:

Chef CV Summary Example #1

Innovative and seasoned Chef with over a decade of culinary experience, eager to support Riviera Restaurant in delivering an exceptional dining experience. Committed to creating delicious and visually appealing dishes, contributing to the restaurant's reputation for culinary excellence. Successfully revamped the menu at a previous restaurant, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Chef CV Summary Example #2

Passionate Chef de Cuisine with a diverse background in fine dining, eager to assist Wingman's Pub in delivering memorable culinary experiences for clients. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in food quality and presentation. Implemented a new kitchen organization system that enhanced efficiency and reduced food waste by 40%.

Chef CV Summary Example #3

Creative and adaptable Executive Chef with a proven track record of leading kitchen teams to success. Eager to contribute to Urban Utopia Resort by crafting unique and enticing menus that cater to diverse palates. Committed to sourcing fresh, local ingredients and implementing sustainable practices in the kitchen. Achieved a 28% reduction in food costs through strategic menu planning.

#10. Receptionist CV Summary

This is what a summary of a receptionist CV/resume should look like:

Receptionist CV Summary Example #1

Professional and welcoming Receptionist with five years of experience in managing front desk operations. Eager to support Hilton Hotel in creating a positive first impression for clients and visitors. Committed to providing exceptional customer service and efficient administrative support. Successfully implemented a streamlined appointment scheduling system, reducing wait times by 15%.

Receptionist CV Summary Example #2

Organized and detail-focused Receptionist with a proven track record in handling diverse administrative tasks. Eager to assist Snooze Inn in maintaining a smooth and efficient reception area. Proficient in managing phone systems, coordinating appointments, and handling customer inquiries. Implemented a guest registration process that improved data accuracy by 30%.

Receptionist CV Summary Example #3

Cordial and efficient Front Desk Receptionist with a passion for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Eager to contribute to Four Seasons Hotel by providing excellent customer service and ensuring a seamless check-in/check-out process. Adept at managing reservations and handling guest requests. Achieved a 25% increase in positive guest feedback through personalized interactions and efficient problem resolution.

Final Thoughts

The goal of a CV summary is to catch a recruiter’s eye with a snapshot of your career highlights and top-rated skills. This paragraph should be brief, short, and powerful in order to entice a hiring professional to stay on your resume.

So, as you can imagine, summing up your entire career in a few catchy sentences may be tricky. However, our extensive guide with multiple examples will instruct you on how to do it so that you can craft a perfect, attention-grabbing CV summary and get the job you want! 

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