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How to Write a CV Personal Statement [20 Examples Included]

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When applying for a job, it’s critical that you immediately grab the recruiter’s attention. Otherwise, you’ll remain unnoticed, even though you may be a real gem in the pool of candidates. But how are you supposed to arouse the hiring professional’s curiosity right off the bat? The answer is hidden in these three words: a CV personal statement.

While writing a curriculum vitae is somewhat straightforward, creating a persuasive personal statement may be a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to end your struggles and teach you how to craft an eye-catching one, so keep reading to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • As a highlight of your professional history, a CV personal summary aims to spark a recruiter’s interest and make them read your CV.

  • A personal summary is beneficial for all candidates, regardless of their experience, as it will allow a recruiter to learn more about them.

  • To write a compelling personal statement, you should tailor it to the job you want to apply for, highlight your experience and skills, and include your career goal.

What Is a CV Personal Statement?

Also referred to as a personal mission statement or career summary, a CV personal statement sums up who you are and what you may bring to the company. Its primary purpose is to spark a recruiter’s interest in you.

Located at the top of your curriculum vitae, a CV personal statement consists of two to four sentences that describe:

Mandatory CV Personal Statement Information

  • Who you are

  • How you’ll benefit the company

  • What your career objectives are

So, in other words, this part lets you show your greatest strengths and career goals. As such, it can be of great help if you’re starting out or seeking a different career path.

Here’s an example of a nicely crafted CV personal statement:

CV Personal Statement Example

As a dedicated Registered Nurse with five years of experience, I bring a proven track record in delivering compassionate and high-quality patient care. Proficient in diverse healthcare settings, I excel at assessing and addressing patient needs while fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. I am seeking a role where my skills and passion for excellence can contribute to the Houston Medical Clinic.

Why You Should Have a CV Personal Statement

By emphasizing your unique skills and talents and demonstrating why you’re the right fit for the job, a CV personal statement can help you stand out from other candidates. It will entice a hiring professional to continue reading and discover more about your skills, qualifications, experience, and achievements.

While a personal statement can help seasoned professionals with solid experience land a new job, it is also beneficial for job hunters seeking their first jobs. A CV personal statement for students allows high schoolers or undergraduates to get the job they want by summarizing their relevant academic achievements.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a CV

writer resume

Here’s how to write a CV personal statement and pitch yourself to a hiring professional:

#1. Introduce Yourself

The very first sentence of your personal statement should indicate that you’re a serious candidate for the position. Describe yourself and your work experience using strong adjectives and action verbs.

The simplest way to introduce yourself is to ask, “Who am I professionally?" and an eye-catching answer will pop out immediately.

#2. List the Skills Relevant to the Position

After you’ve introduced yourself, highlight two to three skills relevant to the position. Check out the job description and look for the required competencies; select a couple of them that refer to you, and then list them in your personal statement.

By doing so, you’ll not only tailor your statement to the role; you’ll also pass the pre-screening process carried out by an ATS hassle-free.

#3. Include a Specific Goal You Want to Achieve

The next step is to add an objective you’d like to accomplish. However, make sure that the goal isn’t solely yours; it should be in line with the company’s as well.

Mentioning a specific goal that also aligns with the company’s will make a hiring manager consider you a valuable addition to the team. 

#4. Mention Your Previous Experience/Background

Having relevant experience is a one-way ticket to the next stage of the hiring process. Hence, if you possess it, mention it right away.

To do it effectively, go over the job ad again and peruse the duties and responsibilities that will await you in this position. Try to remember similar activities and experiences from previous roles and list them.

#5. Quantify Your Achievements

Listing achievements along with experience indeed adds some value to your personal statement for a CV. However, supporting it with measurable results gives it more credibility.

You can back up your achievements with growth percentages, value increases, budget savings, customer happiness, etc. Such quantifiable results will show a hiring professional how you can contribute to the success of their company as well.

20 CV Personal Statement Examples

resume layout

Here, we’ll list 20 CV personal statement examples that you can use either to get inspiration or as personal statement templates.

#1. Recent Graduate CV Personal Statement

Here’s a personal summary example for a budding computer scientist CV:

Computer Scientist CV Personal Statement Example

As a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I am enthusiastic about applying my academic knowledge in software development. I am eager to embark on a career where I can use my technical skills and bring a fresh perspective to contribute to a dynamic development team. 

And here’s an example of a personal statement for a digital marketing graduate:

Digital Marketing CV Personal Statement Example

Having recently earned my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing with a specialization in Digital Marketing, I am eager to launch my career in the fast-evolving digital landscape. I am now eager to contribute my energy, fresh perspective, and dedication to excellence in a professional marketing environment that fosters continuous learning and growth.

This is an example of a law graduate personal statement:

Law Graduate CV Personal Statement Example

As a recent law graduate, I bring a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and a passion for justice. My academic journey has equipped me with strong research, analytical, and communication skills. I am eager to embark on a legal career where I can apply my knowledge to contribute to the pursuit of justice.

#2. Career Change CV Personal Statement Example

Check out an example of a CV personal statement for a transition from finance into data analytics:

Data Analytics CV Personal Statement Example

As a dynamic professional with a successful track record in finance, I am now eager to use my skills to start a new challenge in data analytics. My goal is to use my financial and newly acquired data analytics abilities to contribute to a forward-thinking company seeking to optimize its operations through actionable insights.

Here’s an example of a personal statement for a civil engineer seeking a career change:

Civil Engineer CV Personal Statement Example

After a successful decade in project management within the construction industry, I am excited to redirect my career toward sustainable development and environmental management. Armed with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering, I am eager to bring my proven leadership and technical skills to contribute to a sustainability-focused company looking to drive positive change.

Take a look at the CV personal statement of a software developer transitioning into web design:

Web Design CV Personal Statement Example

With a decade of experience in software development, I am seeking a career change that merges my passion for technology and web design. Having technical experience in coding and a deep understanding of web design trends, I am eager to apply my analytical thinking and technical skills to build attention-grabbing and highly functional web pages.

#3. Internship CV Personal Statement Example

This is an example of a CV personal statement for a marketing internship:

Marketing Internship CV Personal Statement Example

As a highly motivated and creative individual, I am seeking an internship in marketing where I can apply my strong analytical skills and passion for brand promotion. Proficient in social media marketing and content creation, I am eager to contribute fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to enhance the company's online presence. 

Check out a personal statement example for a cyber security internship personal statement:

Cyber Security Internship CV Personal Statement Example

As a dedicated and detail-oriented computer science enthusiast, I am actively seeking an internship in cyber security to apply my strong understanding of network security and information protection. Eager to expand my knowledge of cyber defense strategies and contribute to safeguarding digital assets, I am excited about the prospect of contributing to a dynamic cybersecurity team during my internship.

Check out the CV personal statement of a psychology student:

Psychology Student Internship CV Personal Statement Example

Enthusiastic Psychology student with a deep interest in understanding human behavior and emotions. Through coursework in cognitive psychology and research experience, I've developed analytical and critical thinking skills. Actively involved in campus organizations focused on mental health awareness, I am now seeking internships in the field of counseling or research to apply my academic knowledge to real-world situations.

Here’s what a CV personal statement of an environmental science student looks like:

Environmental Science Internship CV Personal Statement Example

Passionate Environmental Science student dedicated to sustainability and conservation. Through my coursework, I acquired a strong foundation in environmental science. I am actively engaged in campus projects focused on reducing carbon footprint. Eager to contribute my knowledge to real-world environmental initiatives, I am seeking internship opportunities to apply my skills to sustainable practices and conservation efforts.

#4. Experienced Professionals CV Personal Statement Example

Here’s an example of a seasoned finance professional personal statement: 

Finance Professional CV Personal Statement Example

As a seasoned financial analyst with over 10 years of experience in budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling, I am proficient in optimizing financial processes. I've successfully led cross-functional teams to achieve cost savings of up to 15%. With an MBA in Finance and a proven ability to drive profitability, I am eager to bring my strategic financial expertise to a leadership role.

This is what an experienced marketing executive CV statement should look like:

Marketing Executive CV Personal Statement Example

Accomplished marketing executive with a demonstrated history of driving brand growth in competitive markets. Over 12 years of experience, I developed and executed comprehensive marketing strategies, resulting in a consistent 20% annual increase in market share. I am now seeking a senior leadership position to apply my strategic vision and foster innovation in an innovative company.

 Take a look at the CV personal statement example of an IT project manager:

IT Project Manager CV Personal Statement Example

A seasoned IT project manager with PMP certification and a commitment to staying at the forefront of tech trends. I have a track record of reducing project timelines by 25% and enhancing system efficiency by 30%. Ready for a leadership role, I'm excited to lead a team in overcoming the next technological frontier.

Here’s an example of a human resources director personal statement:

Human Resources Director CV Personal Statement Example

With a decade of experience sculpting positive workplace cultures, I created and implemented HR programs that enhanced employee engagement and retention. Initiatives I've led resulted in a 20% improvement in employee satisfaction and a 15% reduction in turnover. Armed with an SPHR certification, I am excited to bring my strategic HR leadership to a company committed to fostering a positive workplace culture.

#5. Student CV Personal Statement Examples

If you’re a business administration student, this is what your personal statement should look like:

Business Administration Student CV Personal Statement Example

As an ambitious Business Administration student specializing in marketing, I offer a combination of academic achievements and practical skills developed through internships. Eager to apply my knowledge in a dynamic business environment, I am seeking opportunities where I can use my skills and passion for marketing to drive tangible results.

Here’s a graphic design student personal statement example:

Graphic Design Student CV Personal Statement Example

As a Graphic Design student with a creative flair and technical proficiency, I bring a unique blend of design skills acquired through coursework and hands-on projects. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and experienced in translating conceptual ideas into visually appealing designs, I am eager to embark on a career in graphic design and apply my artistic talents to contribute to innovative design projects.

#5. Entry-Level CV Personal Statement Examples

Check out a CV personal statement for an entry-level paralegal:

Paralegal CV Personal Statement Example

As a dedicated and detail-oriented recent graduate with an Associate degree in Legal Studies, I am eager to launch a career as a paralegal, bringing strong research, organizational, and communication skills. I am excited to contribute to a dynamic legal team where I can use a solid understanding of legal procedures and a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Here’s an example of a virtual assistant CV personal statement:

Virtual Assistant CV Personal Statement Example

Tech-savvy and highly organized professional seeking an entry-level virtual assistant position. With proficiency in office software and platforms, I am well-equipped to handle administrative tasks such as managing calendars and coordinating meetings efficiently. I am eager to contribute my multitasking abilities and proactive approach to help streamline operations and enhance overall productivity in a virtual work environment.

This is what a good entry-level office manager personal statement should look like:

Office Manager CV Personal Statement Example

An enthusiastic and detail-oriented professional with a degree in Business Administration and a strong foundation in office management and administration. Through internships, I demonstrated the ability to coordinate daily operations, manage office supplies, and ensure a smooth workflow. Eager to use my organizational skills and proactive mindset to contribute to a positive and efficient work environment through effective communication and problem-solving.

Take a look at an example of a personal statement for a nurse CV:

Nurse CV Personal Statement Example

A compassionate and dedicated medical professional with an Associate degree in nursing. Through my coursework and clinical rotations, I gained a solid foundation in medical procedures as well as hands-on experience in patient care, medication administration, and treatment planning. I am seeking an opportunity to apply my knowledge and commitment to providing high-quality care.

Final Thoughts

To compel a recruiter to read your curriculum vitae to the very end, you need to grab their attention immediately. The best way to do it is by including a CV personal statement.

Though a bit tricky to write, this brief section of your CV is well worth the effort. Hopefully, our guide will ease the struggle and help you create an eye-catching personal statement and land that dream job!

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