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The Best Remote Jobs and Tips on How to Get Them in 2024

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The recent job landscape has shifted so much that the lines between work and home have blurred beyond recognition. Rush hours became relaxing morning coffees, office meetings turned into Zoom calls and water cooler chats transformed into Slack conversations. If that sounds enticing, then you might be interested in learning what the best remote jobs out there are.

Whether you’re an entry-level professional looking for your first gig or a cubicle veteran who wants to make a career shift, this article will give you a good starting point. You’ll learn not only what some of the most popular remote jobs are but also where to find them and how to get them. Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Remote jobs are the same as traditional ones, with the difference that they can be performed anywhere outside the office.

  • They offer multiple advantages to employees, such as increased flexibility, improved mental health and happiness, saved time and money commuting, etc.

  • Employers also benefit from remote jobs, as they can save money on office space, see increased productivity from employees, and retain talent more.

  • Some of the best remote jobs in the current business climate include software development, data entry, accounting, English teaching, social media, digital marketing, web design, customer service, writing, graphic design, project management, etc.

Some of the best ways to find remote jobs include visiting online job boards, optimizing your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, practicing with remote work tools, and getting experience through freelancing

What Are Remote Jobs And Why Are They So Popular?

Remote jobs are those that can be performed outside traditional offices. They were made possible due to advances in technology and the development of powerful computers and fast internet connections. That enabled effortless communication between individuals and allowed them to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

This type of work is becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous perks that it offers to employees, such as:

Perks of Remote Jobs for Employees

On top of that, employers can also benefit from remote work. Some of the key advantages include:

Perks of Remote Jobs for Employers

  • Reduced costs due to no need for office space

  • Enhanced productivity and work engagement

  • Improved talent retention

One of the key events that boosted the adoption of remote work was the 2019 global pandemic. It proved that the best remote jobs don’t have drawbacks but come with many advantages instead.

11+ Best Remote Jobs to Consider in 2024

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We compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best remote jobs in 2024. You’ll learn what the outlook for these fields is and find out a variety of related roles within these careers.

#1. Software Developer

Software development is one of the best remote jobs to get in 2024. With a positive job outlook of 25% and a median salary of $124,200 per year, this is a high-paying field with an equally high demand for skilled professionals.

Typically, entry-level candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree. However, it’s not uncommon for employees to hire self-taught individuals or those who finished boot camps, as they value knowledge and experience over a diploma. Oftentimes, all you need is a good software engineer resume and cover letter, and you’re good to go.

The digital nature of the job makes it incredibly flexible, and a lot of companies offer at least hybrid work environments, while some are fully remote. Lastly, software development encompasses a myriad of jobs, including mobile app development, frontend development, backend development, full-stack development, and more.

#2. Data Entry Professional

Data entry in today’s business landscape is fully digital and can often be done completely remotely. The job revolves around inputting, managing, updating, and maintaining information in databases using computers. Data entry professionals are precision-oriented individuals with a strong attention to detail and a deep knowledge of relevant software.

While the field has a negative outlook of -4%, and the median salary is at a modest $38,710 per year, the barrier of entry is low. This is one of the best remote jobs for candidates with no experience, as you can apply for it with only a high school diploma or equivalent and a good data entry resume.

As technology advances, some of the data entry work is being automated with software and AI. Still, you can always find a role as a data entry clerk, a data entry operator, or administrative support.

#3. Accountant

Accountants work with financial records and reports. They need to have a deep knowledge of relevant laws while having a keen eye for detail and proficiency in accounting software. When they work remotely, they need to be aware of specific tax rules and regulations in different locations.

A median salary of $78,000 per year is on the higher end, and the job outlook is positive, with an average of 4% expected growth. Still, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to get the job. For more specialized work, you’ll also need an appropriate license.

The demand for accountants remains steady across industries, and adept professionals with a good accountant resume can always find jobs as tax accountants, staff accountants, financial analysts, and more.

#4. English Teacher

Remote English teachers tutor students in the language and literature through online platforms. This requires mastery of the English language, exceptional communication skills, patience, and several other valuable interpersonal skills that help in interaction with students.

Depending on the job, some positions require a bachelor’s degree in English, while for others, a certification like TEFL can be enough. A median salary also varies a lot depending on the clientele, as the numbers aren’t the same if you’re teaching children, adults, or corporate clients. In general, you can expect to make anywhere between $12 and $40.

#5. Social Media Professional

Social media professionals work with content distributed across social platforms. Their job revolves around creating, curating, publishing, and managing content for clients, improving their reach and engagement, interacting with followers, and more.

This line of work requires a mix of creativity, analysis, and planning to keep up with the latest trends and create impactful social media campaigns. Furthermore, this is one of the best remote jobs to get with no degree, as most of the required proficiency comes from experience on the platforms.

This remote job also offers a wide range of salaries, depending on your social media skills and experience. Professionals can earn anywhere from $40,000 for content management to $100,000 or more as brand specialists.

#6. Digital Marketer

computer skills

Digital marketers leverage online platforms for advertising purposes. Their goal is to promote brands, goods, or services to wide audiences to grab their attention and get sales. That makes digital marketers multi-skilled professionals who need to have strong technical skills but also be creative.

Traditional advertising and marketing managers can earn around $138,730 per year, and the job outlook is at 6%. They also generally need to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Compared to that, digital marketers can often get a job based on experience and results alone, with just a resume and no need for a degree.

#7. Web Designer

Web designers use various digital tools to create visually appealing websites. For instance, they utilize scripting languages like HTML and CSS, programming languages like JavaScript, and graphic design programs like Figma and Adobe XD.

Many employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, though you can get a job with a certification or even as a self-taught web designer. The median salary is $80,730, and the job outlook is—like with most careers in the IT sector—much faster than average at 16%.

There are plenty of different specializations within the web design sphere, including graphic design, interaction design, UX/UI design, etc. That makes this a highly versatile profession that caters to both design-oriented and tech-oriented individuals.

#8. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives work in remote settings by addressing the customers’ concerns via phone, live chat, or email. Their job involves interaction with other people to get their feedback, solve their issues, and provide them with a positive experience.

Customer service representatives can expect a median annual salary of $37,780. Furthermore, the job outlook is on a decline at -5%. However, a typical employer requires just a high school diploma. That means a strong customer service resume can get you the job, even if you have no experience or higher education.

The low requirements make this one of the best jobs for college students. The key is to be good at communication and have strong people skills.

#9. Writer

Writing is a broad field that encompasses everything from creating engaging content for websites to crafting newspaper articles and books. The writing skills required for the job encompass everything from a strong command of the language to the ability to do research, plan, proofread, edit, and more.

In many cases, writers spend a lot of time alone so that they can focus. That makes writing one of the best remote jobs for introverts. Writers usually need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and they get most of the required training on the job.

The job outlook is at an average of 4%, and writers can expect a median annual salary of $73,150. Exceptionally skilled professionals with a strong writer resume—particularly technical writers, copywriters, and ghostwriters—can land high-paying clients and work remotely for a much greater salary.

#10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creative professionals who use visual media to convey thoughts and ideas. This is a vast field that includes everything from advertising and marketing design to game design, industrial design, and more.

On average, graphic designers make $59,990 per year, and the job outlook is at 3%. However, both salary and employability vastly increase as the individual gains skill and experience.

While some employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, displayed knowledge and on-the-job training are usually much more important. That’s why sometimes all you need is a strong portfolio and a well-written graphic design resume to land you one of the best jobs of 2024.

#11. Project Manager

Project managers direct and oversee projects from their inception to completion. They often have to handle multiple aspects simultaneously, such as staffing, budgeting, scheduling, and so on.

While many project management specialists still work in office environments, the field is increasingly allowing for hybrid or even fully remote work. A bachelor’s degree as a requirement can net you a median salary of $95,370. Furthermore, the job outlook is positive and faster than average at 6%.

Some of the key project management skills include leadership, organization, communication, delegation, and time management. Project managers also need to be adaptable, flexible, precise, and detail-oriented.

#12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do routine tasks to support businesses and entrepreneurs from remote locations. They are adept at doing various clerical and organizational work, ranging from communication like email correspondence to scheduling assignments, managing social media accounts, and more.

Research shows that virtual assistants can save companies up to 78% in operating costs. That, combined with the fact that VAs fit any industry, makes it no surprise that the demand for them is projected to grow.

Their salary varies vastly based on job requirements, skills, and experience and goes between $2 and $40 per hour. However, many roles ask for no degree or certification, making this one of the best remote jobs for college students.

How to Find a Remote Job

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Here are some tips on how to get a remote job:

Tips to Find a Remote Job

  • Check out remote job boards. There are plenty of websites that specialize in helping job seekers find remote positions. They have a wide range of features that allow users to find the opportunities that best suit them. You can find jobs based on the industry, skill level, experience requirements, and more.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter. Most remote jobs, much like traditional roles, require you to apply using a resume and a cover letter. Writing these documents so that they optimally highlight your skills and experience relevant to the job will increase your chances with recruiters immensely.

  • Write a good LinkedIn profile. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent. By optimizing your profile to emphasize your competencies and show that you’re willing to work remotely, you’ll increase your visibility and your chances of sparking a recruiter’s interest when you contact them.

  • Practice using remote work tools. Proficiency in software and platforms that facilitate remote work can give you an edge when applying for a job. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with digital tools like Slack, Zoom, ClickUp, Trello, Asana, and others.

  • Gain experience by freelancing. While freelancing isn’t full-time employment, it’s mostly done remotely and can provide you with invaluable work experience that can secure you a job down the road.

Companies With Remote Jobs

Some of the best remote jobs in the current landscape come from some of the biggest companies in the world, like:

Companies With Remote Jobs

  • Microsoft

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Meta

  • Dell Technologies

  • Lockheed Martin

  • NBCUniversal

  • Philips

  • AT&T

  • Boeing

  • Burger King

  • FedEx Services

  • IBM

  • Shopify

  • Verizon

  • Visa

Websites With Remote Jobs

As the popularity of remote work increased, so did the need for websites where you could find it. Here are some of the best remote jobs websites:

Website With Remote Jobs

  • FlexJobs

  • Arc


  • RemoteOK

  • JustRemote

  • VirtualVocations

  • Pangian

  • WeWorkRemotely (WWR)

  • Remotive

  • SkipTheDrive

  • WorkingNomads

  • Jobspresso

  • EuropeRemotely

  • Outsourcely

  • PowerToFly

If you’re a freelancer looking for remote work, you can use some of the following platforms:

Platforms With Remote Jobs

  • Fiverr

  • Jooble


  • Upwork

  • Behance

  • 99designs

  • Dribbble

  • PeoplePerHour

  • SimplyHired

Final Thoughts

The professional world is undergoing a thorough transformation. Gone are the days of strict rules and formal suits, and they are replaced by online meetings with unseen pajama bottoms.

While remote jobs aren’t without drawbacks, the benefits that they offer to both employers and employees cannot be understated. The flexibility, autonomy, and comfort of a home or a local cafe are quickly becoming the new norm.

So, if you’re job hunting and in the middle of writing a resume, don’t forget that some of the best jobs are remote. If you want your office to be wherever there’s Wi-Fi, this is the solution!

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