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Create a job winning resume

Create a professional resume in just minutes using our free resume builder. Impress recruiters with a resume and a cover letter that are bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

Use any of our 200+ free and highly customizable resume templates while exploring hundreds of resume examples. Then, create a matching cover letter using our free cover letter templates to ensure success.

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Professional resume templates for any job position

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Creating a job-winning resume from scratch can be a challenging endeavor. Employers want to see specific information and certain keywords in particular places. Use our free resume and CV templates to get it right instead of memorizing all the rules.

Our professional resume builder lets you choose your ideal resume configuration, leaving you with a resume template perfected down to the last detail. Simply pick your preferred layout and fill in your information. You’ll finish with an impressive resume in just minutes and be on your way to your dream job.

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Build a professional resume effortlessly

Use our resume and CV builder to create the best application documents possible in minutes. With 200+ customizable resume templates and plenty of free CV template configurations, you’re guaranteed to create an impeccable resume.

Don’t stop there. Check out the hundreds of free resume examples to spark your imagination. Wrap things up by building a matching cover letter using the same template configuration, and boost your chances of success.

Resume template
Resume template
Resume template
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The advantages of using the resume builder

Save valuable time
Our resume-building software will cut out the work for you. Instead of starting with an empty slate, you’ll have all of the sections and bullet points neatly lined up and formatted. You can adjust everything to fit your needs and then add your own information.
Produce an accompanying document
Why go through the trouble of creating not one but two job application documents from scratch? Use our resume builder to make a professional resume, then write a cover letter to go with it, and with the help of our software you’ll ensure they are a perfect match.
Choose from plenty of template configurations
We feature a vast gallery of resume, CV, and cover letter templates. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a modern design, we have it all. Pick your favorite template and get on your way to your new job.
We protect your data
At, privacy and security are paramount. Any personal or sensitive information is treated as confidential and thus encrypted for protection. We won’t use or sell your personal data, ever.
Endorsed by HR professionals
Every blog article and template on our website is written and reviewed by HR experts. That way, you’re getting first-hand help from qualified professionals. Whether you need resume, CV, cover letter, or job interview advice, you’ll find it on our blog.
An applicant tracking system (ATS) scans your resume for keywords and important information in specific places. All of our resume templates are fine-tuned and help you use the right keywords where it matters. Needless to say, this makes it easy for your resume to pass an ATS scan.

Create your resume in 3 easy steps now with AI

  1. Add your information

    It's as easy as filling in the blanks. And if you ever get stuck, you can use some of pre-made examples or turn to our AI resume builder.

  2. Choose the best template configuration

    Each of our 200+ AI-powered resume template configurations follows strict industry guidelines and best practices.

  3. Click “Download”

    Hit the button, and you’ll instantly receive your beautiful ready-to-submit resume.

Build my resume with AI

Meet our AI resume builder

Meet our AI resume builder
Creating a job-winning resume can be a daunting task. Our resume builder makes it as easy as filling in the blanks. AI takes it a step further and fills in the blanks for you.
Build my resume with AI
Meet our AI resume builder
Resume writing made easy
Grab the recruiter’s attention with an appealing resume header and work summary. Our AI resume builder lets you select your prominent strengths, add your years of experience, and list your key work achievements. It then generates captivating statements that are guaranteed to leave an impression.
Improve your writing
Enhance your writing with our AI assistant. Craft a professionally-written resume, even if you're not proficient in English, to secure your dream job. Experience simplicity and efficiency like never before, as our AI easily shapes your resume to stand out in the job market.
Cover letters in one click
Complement your resume with an AI cover letter without wasting extra time. Our AI cover letter builder uses the information from your resume to create tailored cover letters for different positions you’re applying for. Use your precious time to prepare for the interviews you’re about to land instead.


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  • Using an online resume builder helps you save a lot of time. Plus, it ensures you’ll end up with a professional application document.
  • Traditional software, like Word, can make the resume-building process tedious. And if you make one adjustment, you could mess up the whole document.
  • A resume builder does the heavy lifting for you. It has 200+ resume template configurations that you can easily modify without worrying about the layout, formatting, font selection, etc.
  • Also, when you use a professional resume template, you know that it features all the important sections and can pass an ATS scan. Simply fill in the blanks, and don’t worry about forgetting to include something crucial.
Craft your perfect professional resume
Craft your perfect professional resume

Craft your perfect professional resume

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Craft your perfect professional resume
Craft your perfect professional resume