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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter & Writing Guide

Learn how to craft a polished administrative assistant cover letter to impress potential employers and highlight your qualifications.
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Administrative Assistant

Every company needs administrative assistants because staying organized in today's fast-paced business environment is essential to a company's success. If you are ready to take on this pivotal role, you have one vital task at hand: writing a compelling administrative assistant cover letter.

Your admin cover letter will serve as the blueprint of your organizational prowess and your first chance to dazzle potential employers with your skills and expertise.

In this article, you will find detailed advice on how to get the attention of recruiters by presenting the most relevant aspects of your experience in a way that stands out.

Key Takeaways

  • Pay attention to properly formatting your cover letter before you focus on showcasing your skills and expertise.

  • It is best to use the hiring manager’s name to address the letter.

  • Concentrate on demonstrating the abilities, skills, and experiences that are relevant to the position.

  • Express your motivation for the role by showing how much you know about the company.

  • Proofread the letter before sending it.

What Format to Use for an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?

As an administrative assistant, you are expected to pay close attention to detail, including your cover letter formatting. A mistake in this regard could be why potential employers completely disregard your letter and resume without seriously considering you.

The good news is that the format of the cover letter is no different than the format of a standard business letter. Here is how to structure your administrative cover letter:

Typical Cover Letter Format

  • Header:

    • Your contact information

    • Date of application

    • Contact information of the recipient

  • Body of letter

    • A formal greeting

    • Compelling first paragraph

    • One to three body paragraphs containing key information about your experience

    • A paragraph containing the conclusion

    • A formal closing

  • Signoff

If there’s a need to share some exceptional achievement or a detail you are particularly proud of, you may add a postscript too.

Cover letters for administrative positions should be one page and three to five paragraphs long. Use a font size between 10 and 12 pt to ensure readability. Except for paragraphs, where it should be doubled, the line spacing should be 1.0, and it is recommended that you use a 1-inch margin.

Here is a visual administrative assistant cover letter example:

career change cover letter

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Outline

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s go ahead and walk you through the process of creating your cover letter for the position of administrative assistant step by step:

#1. Heading

Your name, title, phone number, and email address should be the first things hiring managers see in your cover letter, which is why they go in the header. The header should also include the recipient's details and the date of writing.

You can include links to your professional social media profiles if you believe that could be relevant for the potential employer or the job post.

Here’s an example of a proper header:

Good Example

Derek Sims Administrative Assistant 1179 Union Street Seatle WA 98109 206-753-6421 Vanda Fisher Hiring Manager [Company Name] 4479 Olive Street Toledo OH 43602

#2. Greeting

The greeting should be polite and professional; there is no need to complicate this part of the letter in any way. You should pay attention to including the hiring manager’s name if you know it, though. Generic greetings don’t give off the most favorable impression. Here’s what your greeting could look like:

Good Example

Dear Ms. Fisher

If you can't get a hold of the hiring manager’s name, using the recipient’s title is a good option. But, if you have no idea who will receive your letter, a simple “Mr.” or “Ms.” will do.

#3. Introduction

You are probably aware that hiring managers are faced with sifting through stacks of cover letters, so if you want to catch their attention, you have to ensure you do it right off the bat with your first paragraph. Therefore, focus on something that will make your first paragraph resonate with the company’s values.

If you are writing an administrative assistant cover letter with no experience or an administrative assistant cover letter—entry level, you can focus on your motivation and skills. If you are writing an administrative cover letter with experience, you can use some of your achievements or experiences to dazzle the potential employer.

Here is an example of how to do it:

Good Example

I am very excited to submit my application to [Company Name] for the administrative assistant position. I am confident that my attention to detail, expertise in solving complex problems, and commitment to facilitating superior efficiency will make me a valuable asset to your company.

#4. Skills, Qualifications, & Experiences

The key to successfully proceeding to the next step of the hiring process is to focus on the skills, qualifications, and experiences relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Being an administrative assistant in an advertising agency is not the same as being an administrative assistant in a bank. The job descriptions may seem similar, but the organizational culture is entirely different in these two businesses.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to how the role is described in the job announcement to understand what skills, attitudes, and approaches would best fit the company’s needs.

When you decide which of your competencies you want to focus on, elaborate on them in a couple of paragraphs. Let’s see how you can do it:

Good Example

During my time at [Company Name], I have refined a diverse skill set that makes me confident I can face any professional challenge with grace. My expertise in managing schedules and appointments ensured that no details were missed, and my fluency in office software facilitated instant and clear communication and a constant flow of updated information.

#5. Reasons for Applying

The next paragraph should give the hiring manager an insight into your motivation. This is also a great opportunity to mention how much you already know about the company and share more about your professional values and ethics. Here’s an example of how to do it:

Good Example

Your organization's history, culture, efficiency, and productivity have always impressed me. I can’t think of a better place to use my expertise since your company’s values perfectly align with mine. Being able to contribute to the success of a company alongside its leaders would be an incredible inspiration.

#6. Call to Action

The final detail with which you should wrap up your cover letter is a call to action. It is essential to politely invite the potential employer to consider your resume. You can start by thanking them for the time they invested in going through the cover letter, then punch it up with a subtle CTA:

Good Example

I appreciate you taking the time to consider my application. For more details on my professional background, please see the resume I have attached. I look forward to discussing my suitability for the role further.

#7. Conclusion & Sign Off

The closing of your letter should be just as simple and polite as its opening. Here’s an example of how to do it:

Good Example

Sincerely, Derek Sims

Also, before you click the send button, make sure you proofread the letter and eliminate all typos and errors. Such simple mistakes could significantly spoil the overall impression, especially since you are applying for positions that require great attention to detail.

Here’s an administrative assistant cover letter example, which you can use as your cover letter template.

4 Best Practices for Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Let’s wrap up with a few more useful guidelines that will ensure you create an administrative assistant cover letter that stands out:

Cover Letter Writing Tips

  • Personalize your cover letter. Avoid using generic expressions and phrases. However good they may sound, the only way to stand out is to create a unique cover letter that resonates with the specific company's needs.

  • Include letters of recommendation. If possible, add letters of recommendation from your previous employers or even professors if you are a student with no experience. You should think of recommendations in the same way that designers think of their portfolios.

  • Show your enthusiasm. Often, the key to landing your perfect job is not so much in showcasing your skills but in proving how motivated you are to adapt and learn. Skills are easier to teach than attitudes, and employers know that.

  • Highlight crucial skills. Apart from the specific skills set related to the position, emphasize your communication skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills as well. These are all essential in this line of work.

Final Thoughts

An impressive cover letter is your ticket to embarking on your next professional challenge. Make sure you take the first-class seat by paying undivided attention to every detail. Don’t be afraid to share your motivation for the job; it is well-known that passion is the fastest way to success.

If you run out of inspiration or question whether you should include something, come back to this article and ensure your letter ticks all the boxes.

We are confident that you can manage the expectations of the potential employer. But, if you need help or want to calm your nerves, you can check out typical administrative assistant interview questions and prepare yourself for the next step in the hiring process. Stay confident and go after your goals!

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